Mist, I'm still confused as to the concept will work

I’ve hungrily read my way through the lore stories, so it’s clearly going to be a big factor in battles, however how? Just another form of fog of war? Damaging effects? Enemy buffs? Hurry up “early november” already.

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As long as we know the mist will give the pv vision and will heal creatures at least.

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I’m not sure if mist is confirmed mechanic for Backers Build #3. Is it?

No, it hasn’t been confirmed. We are working on it, but I wouldn’t expect it to be ready for BB3.

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I would say that as Berggen said

  • if our soldier will be in Line of SIght of this mist or in the mist, all mutants will know position of that soldier
  • it will heal mutants in it
  • few squares of it will obscure LoS of your soldier OR maybe part of it will create some DENSE MIST to hide creatures and block LoS
  • your soldiers in it will need to have protective gear or will be forced to make will checks to not loose control
  • probably mist won’t cause mutation by itself, but if you loose control of your soldier then this soldier will be forced to move to some creature which infest (those facehuggers/mindfragger, maybe queen with proper mutation, chiron with proper mutation or some other)

If we have a “perception” stat, The Mist could just make it so that the tiles covered by it need +X perception, just like how movement-distance could (can?) vary between “ground-types”.

Random example: if you need 1 perception per tile by default, the mist need another +1, that could mean that a 10 perception sniper will see tiles in range 10, but tiles with Mist will reduce that down to half.

And then we can have different gears, one giving extra perception while the other eliminating “extra cost”, and if the extra cost is “big enough”, it might be better to get “specialized anti-mist” glasses instead of a “good ol’ scope”.


Good enough for me. :wink: Smoke grenades also could bump this “cost”. Objects on fire with smoke could also affect this vision. But what would flashbang do? Reduce perception to 0 for few turns?

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I would guess yes. Unless they want “harsher” flashbangs which are reducing Will or AP too, 'cos you can’t act easily while “being blind” :wink:

My problem is with the “being blind” = “perception 0” aspect, that in RL, a “blinded” soldier may do unreasonable stuff, while here you will not make him act like that because you still see. But reducing Will/AP might be worse for “gameplay”, so dunno…


btw can you edit first post to be in Phoenix Point / Feedback section? People threat this forum as for Phoenix Point only. :slight_smile:

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I was talking about when I hope Backer Build 3 comes out misted or not.

more likely a flashbang would induce the stun effect for a turn, maybe 2

Ok, thanks

That’s a lot of different mechanics. Be interesting to see if they can get them working.

It would be cool to see the mist itself evolve as the game progresses. For example, early on in the game it might serve only to hamper LoS (until PP develop means to visually penetrate it), midgame it might be having an impact on willpower, causing faults in the equipment/vehicles that PP are using (necessitating PP to research methods to counter it again), maybe towards the end game it can mutate PP soldiers and NPCs, cause them to become confused or to turn on their squad mates.

Maybe how it mutates is in response to the player’s tactics; in an entirely different game to the above it could take a gelatinous form, expand relentlessly across the map and start dissolving anything that it can cover… Just this would create an organic and natural feeling time limit when compared to Xcom 2. The player would be forced to rush on some scenarios, but they’d be able to see what it was that was requiring them to rush.


They could also reduce movement range, and/or prevent reaction/opportunity fire.

A very simple thing that mist could do is to reduce perception range… I could see it working similar to night missions in Xenonauts. Whilst mist is present PP soldier’s perception range drops from 12 to 8 of whatever the units are…

Whatever affect mist has, I think I’d like to see it being something the comes and goes during a battle, or that you can see physically drifting across the world and battle maps.

I thought I remember seeing somewhere that prolonged exposure to the mist can cause your soldiers to mutate over time. Like it is an airborne vector for the Pandoravirus. Which also explains why the aliens would know where you are while in it, you’re literally moving through their “web” as it were. Plus the virus basically using itself to repair damage tissue of the enemy while they’re in it.

No, your expectations are too high. Geoscape is big buzz in that box.

On Mist:

I expect it as classic fog of war + some less visibility.

In future it might heal/mutate aliens, but then I expect it to spread slowly and have
a counter measure (anti mist granade?)

Incendiary grenade. :wink:

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Well we know the mist slowly spreads across the world and that Syndrion has some type of mist repellent. There will also be specific enemies that can spread it in battle; in fact I believe they stated that it would/could be one of the Queen’s abilities (not sure if it’s a planned base ability or mutation). For some reason I’m thinking that they’ve also talked about flame throwers as a way to burn it away but I could be mistaken.