Why always fishmen

Why is every mission littered with nothing but the sniper dudes? Every time I have to do a faction mission, I only fight fishmen. Every Pandoran Sanctum or whetever is nothing but fishmen. Always fishmen. I never see crabdudes, and I’ve seen snakechicks like twice, but fishmen? I see them all the dang time and they magically see all of my units from clear across the map AND can hit my units through walls.

Through. Walls.

I really like this game and all, but I’m getting incredibly frustrated at the frequency and near godlike abilities of these fishmen.

I’m also not convinced they should be able to see through their darkness clouds. Or if they can, I should still be able to target them, but with severe penalties. That would make that ability far more manageable.

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All Pandorans can see through the Mist. Also, if you have any troops standing in Mist anywhere on the map, the Pandorans can see them.

You can see free aim to shoot into the Mist and you can still hit enemies even if you can’t see them.

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That’s well and good, but I’m not standing in the mists when they see me. Fresh map, Synderion compound, just entered in, first Pandoran round, they’re taking pot shots at me from across the map, through walls, and I haven’t even spotted them, yet.


It does seem a bit fishy…

I’ve had problems free aiming since you can’t see the “audio ring” when zoomed in. Several times I wasn’t sure where my guy was aiming since I couldn’t get my bearings when it snapped to the known enemies zoomed in.

I agree. If you can free aim, to shoot them, I would think you would be able to target with penalties on at least the ones there are “audio rings” for. Not sure how easy it would be to implement since the game doesn’t have target chance to hit, only a ring of fire. People would probably just free aim to have no penalty.