Camera pause after shooting

When you take a shot at an opponent the camera currently snaps back to your solider (or the next soldier to move) really rapidly, this doesn’t give time to digest what affect your shots have had. This is fine when shooting short range targets as you can see the status update on the tactical map regardless, but for longer range shots it isn’t and you have to go hunting that target to see what you did to it. It’d be nice if the camera paused for a split second so you didn’t have to.

if you hover your curser over the enemy you just shot an info box should appear click on this and it will give you a detailed list of damage done.

Nah. It would increase time spent during battle. Some of players already want all enemies and allies move together simultaneously (which I think is not possible to be done with current ballistic system). They will hate camera laziness. :wink:

From what I know there will be combat log, so you will be able to check what really happened. And as luxferro mentioned you can check enemy status by bringing his info screen on.

Still two speeds modes wouldn’t be a bad thing - tactical and zip mode.

There can be a slider with camera speed. :wink: And option to turn it off completely. :slight_smile:

I’d rather have a box popup when above an enemy and pressing a key.

  • keep ‘L’ pressed and it will give you the log for this unit (lost left arm, machine gun destroyed, …)
  • keep ‘H’ pressed and you get a detailed status of his body parts

Or simply pressing the key and then “Esc” to leave the panel.

Currently you have to use a menu, it is a bit slower and you need to click and move the mouse. I’m a programmer, I’m lazy.


I concur for both shortcuts. :wink:

Speaking personally, when I’ve just spent half a minute checking all the tiles from where I can see enemies, and then another minute buggering about with the aiming system, I’m personally not bothered if seeing the actual shot I’ve taken might add an extra second or two to the time in battle.

Options are good in general, this could certainly something that it turn off an onable. My actual preference would be to not have go into 1st person mode at all in order to make a view shots, I’d much rather see the game as a whole from an isometric 3rd person perspective.

Me too. I like animations and I may work on my next moves when enemies do their movement. But you know, others think that ‘game doesn’t respect their time’. :wink:

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