Feature request: Option for not taking over camera

I understand that Snapshot are a small studio and under the pump, but I really want to love and play this game. If someone gets a chance… maybe consider this?

Pretty please… with sugar on top… can PC players please, please, get a config option to stop the camera doing it’s own thing constantly.
I understand that for console, selecting the “next” soldier might be helpful, but I’m trying to play this like a tactical game and it almost NEVER jumps to the soldier I want next. It’s frustrating, especially when the soldiers I’m working with are next to each other and I have to keep bringing the camera back.
Same with clicking abilities. When I find a good place to lob a grenade, I don’t want to click the launch grenade button and have the camera shoot back to my soldier.

For a tactical game, I expect left click to select something (soldier, ability, whatever) and right click to center on it.
So, if I find a good place for a grenade, I expect to left click my Heavy, left click his launch grenade attack and then left click where I want it (could we please get reliable scatter info on grenades too?).
I don’t want the camera taking off constantly.
It seems worse in the enemy turn. I almost never get to see the damage my troops are taking because the camera is flying around all over the place trying to show me which enemy is moving or shooting. I want to move the camera around myself, no matter whose turn it is.

Can we please… please… pretty please with sugar on top, get an option to stop the game taking the camera control away from us?


Good suggestion. - I’m the same, I can’t stand having a camera that jumps about all over the place.

@UnstableVoltage - Do suggestion such as this still get viewed and considered when posted on the forum. or do they need to be on canny now? https://phoenixpoint.canny.io/