Can pistol shots be made faster?

It’s so atrocious watching the enemy do their 3-4 pistol shots. It takes way too long ! If you have a bunch of pistol using enemies a turn takes … like real long :wink:

I feel in general some animations could really use a speed up, as well as those pauses in between enemy actions.

I second this to 100 %. Usually I go to the bath room, when It’s enemy turn and there are Tritons with pistols. Make a canny for this, please.

devs plan to address it (but we will need to wait for some next patch or even next one after the next)


cool :slight_smile:


Now playing PP after quite some time, it really feels the game is getting better, and definitely on the right track. And better yet, I feel PP starts to stand on its own even without the DLCs.