[Backer Build 1] Camera should stay longer on enemies when hit/wounded

Right now, the camera switches back to our units almost instantly, making it hard to read any information our shots might have had on impact, necessitating the player to manually scroll back to the enemy that’s just been hit and just was the focus of the camera, in the hopes that the effect info hasn’t faded out yet.

This could, and in my opinion should, easily be remedied by changing the camera’s behaviour in such a way that it stays for maybe one second longer on the enemy, at least when any significant result has been achieved, i.e. bleeding, loss/destruction of limbs, etc.

It would also serve to make the game/combat feel less hectic than it actually is, by not having the camera jump around so frantically anymore.

@UnstableVoltage btw, do you guys prefer feedback split into separate threads per topic of feedback, as I am doing right now, or would you prefer one thread were I collect all my feedback from various areas of gameplay?

Personally I prefer, obviously, the multi-threaded approach as this makes it easier for those evaluating our feedback to instantly sort it into the appropriate categories, but on the other hand some people might still take it as spamming, so just in case I’d like to hear the official preference please. :tophat:

Separate topics certainly makes it easier to see and sort, than finding a random comment in a large thread about something else.

As for the camera - we know it’s a huge step still to go with that.

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I prefer a camera that doesn’t linger too much, but it would be nice to have an option to check/uncheck for this thing

Yeah, a toggle for cinematic effects would be nice in general, and to be clear I don’t want the camera to linger forever either, just long enough that said lingering is actually useful – right now it’s just way too short to really learn what results my shots had on the enemy.