Speed/skip animations

understandably not a priority but I just want to get it out there:

can we have an option to speed up movement animations and disable the cinematic combat camera?

…the #3 most subscribed mod in XCOM2 is called “stop wasting my time…” just sayin…


Again, this is another planned feature, just not implemented at this stage of the pre-alpha.


I somehow like the “cinematic” combat camera in PP, because it has a purpose in PP compared to the new XCOMs.

Here’s why: PP simulates ballistics and the bullets are “real” in-game objects hitting the environment, enemies, soldiers etc. The player can take the role of a spotter, tracking a shot and seeing the spot of the impact. For me this is very immersive. I even turn off the UI (“F2”) to get a better view :slight_smile:

In the new XCOMs on the other hand, shooting is just like in a card-game or a board-game; you get a bonus or penalty (height, cover etc.) and the rest is playing dice. There is no “real” environment in the new XCOMs and the shooting animation is just eye candy. Btw.: This is one of the reasons why the new XCOMs are dumbed down, streamlined games compared to the original X-Com. The old X-Com also had some kind of simulated ballistics. Im glad PP has the same “simulation” approach!

Hey @UnstableVoltage I just wanted to check in about this. I don’t see anything implemented as of BB5 so I was wondering if you still plan to address?

I had an idea for enemy and civilian turns that could possibly end that between turn boredom.
-In XCOM 2, you have the option as a player to ignore playing through all of any given animation when choosing actions.
Example: When 1st starting a mission, while 1 character is dashing to point A, you could send character 2 to point B. You don’t have to wait for character 1 to climb up a long ladder to activate character 2, to specify the example.

This would speed up turns considerably, and it’s frankly greatly missed when playing pheonix point.

-That said, what you could possibly do with enemy/neutral turns is simply have the AI play out it’s turn faster, firing off orders in quick succession. The exception to this would be when the AI wants to carry out an attack. In this case, you’d just see the enemy animation as you see it in game now.

It makes perfect sense to me, speed up the more trivial move based turns and slow down for the ones that are more important to the player (i.e being shot at or having a civilian being shot at) As pheonix point intends for greater unit distributions towards the late game, I feel like a feature like this will be necessary.

*Another bonus is that you wouldn’t need really fast animations to speed up turns…or you could combine the 2 to make super fast turns! :smiley:

Was looking forward to this in BB5 but it’s sadly not implemented. Any words?

Until they have it in, you can use Cheat Engine to speed up time. This is a great tool for any game that has overly long movement times. I bound Caps Lock to a hotkey that speeds up time 2x. (It’s called Speed Hack in the tool).