Camera control issues

I launched Phoenix point Earlier today and started a new campaign with the tutorial and I could not get the camera to look in any direction except for a X>15 degree shift in any direction. I also was unable to float the camera in any direction to move it, it snapped to one of 6 points and “Q” and “E” would only do large 45 degree jumps, but immediately snap back to the original position. The camera barely follows the movement marker and constantly jumps back to the active player character and only in the basic camera snap positions. I haven’t had this issue at all during any of the back builds or within the first few weeks of initial release. Please help, I’m unable to play because of this issue. I even tried with the “FREE CAMERA” option selected and had no luck.

Make sure you don’t have a second controller active. More than one controller can have them counter each other.

I only have my keyboard and mouse active, my flight controls are off, and my xbox one controller is off as well. Still having the sticky camera issue.