Camera cannot be controlled


I am not able to control the camera in the game. She twitches back and forth and tends to run to the upper right.


Do you have a game pad/contoller plugged in by any chance?

This is a fairly usual bug happening when multiple USB controllers are connected, that might even already be the case with a gaming mouse that has an analog control unit and thus under windows some form of Virtual Device in the device manager.

To verify, please try either unplugging all physical USB controllers (especially Joysticks and/or Throttles, if applicable) or disabling them manually in the device manager/at devices and printers, if you know what you are doing.

Hello all,

I found the error. Unplugging all my USB devices (except mouse and keyboard) did not work. In the device manager I then deactivated the device “HID-konformer Gamecontroller” (it is a German Windows - I don’t know what it’s called in English). This device should be my 3D-Connexion mouse.

Now the mouse and camera work perfectly.

Maybe it’ll help someone.


HID conforming Game Controller, it’s almost the same in english – and yeah, these things tend to screw up engines that aren’t properly designed to handle with a plethora of input devices.
Hopefully they’ll fix that for the final release, but for now, it’s just pre-alpha business as usual.

Hi Homer,

Of course, I realize it’s a pre-alpha and such problems can occur. Now let’s test the game.

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I had the same issue from both an xbox 360 wireless dongle and my Thrustmaster HOTAS being connected to my PC. I tried disabling them first in windows which did not help - only removing them physically allowed me to play.