Bugs with AI, scan marks, etc

  1. In the Sixth Dedication mission for Anu, one of the scan marks (upper right) does not allow itself to be activated. Reset and restart of the mission did not help.
  2. AI can’t properly control the infiltrator class of Sinedrion - units simply run like stupid targets and do not use any weapons or skills.
  3. In same mission versus Sinedrion forces my oun spider drons of infiltrator did not cause any damage when they exploded neither buildings nor units.
  4. Taken under the personal control sniper of New Jerico in heaven defence mission and siren can’t take mind control over him.
  5. Sometimes in rescue missions, the desired character finds himself in a crowd of enemies and cannot avoid death.
  6. The skill works incorrectly with the ability to carry more weight - one value is before the mission, and during the mission the fighter has excess weight.
  7. Some pandorans from place to place, when die or taking damage - screaming like human soldiers, mostly womans… Even worms scream.
  8. AI can’t properly control units with bionic augmentation “Propeller Legs” - some PURE instead of moving, it is useless to jump, spending willpower.
  9. In heaven defence mission New Jerico vs Anu, after reloading all taken under the personal control units of New Jerico can do moves again.

I can confirm points 2 , 4 and 5

0 problems with Sixth Initiation or drones damage (if there are not walls or objects in between)

about 6, I never checked that

Noticed and reported that months ago… in the soldiers screen before the fight everything seems fine but in the fight the soldier is overloaded. So there is a bug in the screen or during the tactical missions…

Nr. 2 definitely,
Nr. 5 also.

I can confirm 2

I had 3 once on a different mission, but some drones worked properly in the same mission.

For 4, did you check the WPs of the Sniper and of the Siren?

For 6:

Yes, I did and doublecheck several missions

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Problem: He forgot the +2 strength that you also get with this skill :wink:
(25 + 2) * 1,25 = 33,75 ~ 34
So AFAIK, geoscaoe shows the correct weight but mission value is bugged.

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Animation what unit is mind controled was. In fact not controled.


If you look at the thread I quoted (and I believe there was another one where this was discussed, but I can’t find it) there was a bit of a discussion because the 25% is added before the +2 to strength, so it’s like the carrying capacity is increased by 25%, and the +2 strength is computed for anything other than carrying capacity, because otherwise carrying capacity would be increased by more than 25%.

Now, I’m not saying it’s all good, I’m just pointing to a discussion with someone from Snapshot.

25% to original STR is strong enough, especially for technician class.
So for me it’s better if geoscope is bugged

Yes, I know this discussion an the math don’t lie :wink:
If the +2 strength would be added after the 25% then both values for encumbrance would be wrong.

  • In geoscape/strategic it is clear that you get +2 strength and then 25% weight capacity on the sum (I tested it with different strength values)
  • In mission you get +2 strength for HP and Bash attacks but not for encumbrance, here you only get the +25%

What snapshop initial want to have is their descision, but one of the two is clearly a bug :wink:

You don’t get 25% to strength, only weight capacity i.e. encumbrance, this % buff don’t touch the strength :wink:

I know :sunglasses: I can carry more turrets and that is very powerful

Indeed it is :sunglasses:

That’s for sure. According to Valygar’s post, the correct one is this one:

Hopefully one day they will get to fixing it, but there is quite a list there :sweat_smile:

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  1. I’ve also seen this problem. Pretty unnerving, hearing the worms scream like humans. I’ve also seen it with the Aspida. And some of my units with Bionic heads are making “Mutation head” noises. I think this was caused by the latest update - I didn’t notice it before.

  2. Also seen this. In general, the AI seems ok with enemies with only a few abilities - moving and shooting it can handle. But with units with many will-point abilities, in particular Scylla and the Pure, it just gets confused and buggers about using the special abilities to no effect, instead of trying to murder my troops.

In contrast, for your point 2, I’ve fought both with and against Synedrion infiltrators, and the AI seemed ok - no worse than usual, anyhow. They didn’t use skills, that I could see, but did fill my soldiers full of crossbow bolts.

I really forgot about the +2 Strength and was counting only +25%.

I agree with you guys that according to the description of the resourceful talent the correct value is on Geoscape and it is bugged on tactical. I admitted it in the past on Canny: https://feedback.phoenixpoint.info/feedback/p/resourcefulness-talent-bugged

The team knows about it I told them and it also in our Jira. But as Voland said the list is quite long and we are fully focused on Cthulhu and DLC2 now. Anyway, I think it would not hurt if we all report it via F12 so QA sees that it is quite important :slight_smile:


Carrying weight with 31 (current) is already very strong, as there are also + 2 STR. Do you really want to make this perk even stronger or would you rather adjust the description?

Because it’s a bug and not a design. Why not fix what they designed, instead of throwing the baby out with the bath water as an expediency. It comes in handy on scavenging/looting missions. I would think it’s more a matter of pride, making things work the way they were intended.

I understand. But not everything that was initially intended must necessarily be the best and last solution.

That is also true, look this guy , Encumbrance 50 using Neural Torso

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