Some bugreports and suggestions

using v1.0.56083 on Win10.

  • cosmetic bug:
    spider drones have the daze immunity ability listed TWO times (in the info panel during missions).

  • when spider drones are detonated during a turn, the next turns they are still visible in the personnel portrait list in the bottom left corner (although they are destroyed and IMO should not be represented visually any more).

  • the effect of encumbrance (if any) should be listed somewhere relevant in the missions, either when viewing the inventory or the info panel (or both). it’s not really clear what the effects are.

  • it seems most of the additional weapon proficy talents are at least partly buggy:

  • the ability ‘close quarters specialist’ is bugged. on assault class it lets you use shotguns without penalty as expected, but trying to use melee weapons results in ‘not proficient’ message.
    when having this ability on a berserker, he is not able to use shotguns without restrictions.

  • An Infiltrator can’t use handguns or PDWs with ‘self denfense specialist’ without restrictions.

  • Bombardier doesn’t work on a Technician.

  • etc. this might be fixed with the newest patch, I didn’t came around the check this.

  • I’m no native speaker, but maybe this wording would be a little better: instead of ‘if equipment takes enough damage it will break’ --> … too much damage…

  • There should be an option to use autopause or not upon sighting an enemy.

  • when trading resources with other factions, as a quality of life feature, it should be possible to have multiple options in terms of amounts (trade 1x, trade 10x, trade all) instead of having to click all over and over again for larger transfers.

  • when recruiting soldiers from other factions, one should be able to at least see the rough stats and class of the new recruits instead of just seeing if they are normal or elite recruits.

  • if you have more than 8 phoenix bases, in the bases tab the further bases or not fully visible (though still clickable) in the upper left corner.

  • in the personnel tab, it would be nice to be able to sort by base, level, class, etc.

  • in the personnel tab when you’re viewing a soldiers profile and hit back it takes you back to the top of the personnel list. it would be better to center on the highlighted soldier instead.

  • in the personnel list, if soldiers are in a vehicle it would be nice to quickly see where they are. E.g. in vehicle X at base X, or if moving, in vehicle X on mission.

  • status effects in the phoenixpedia should be listed in an alphabetical order for an better overview.


oh, and sometimes when a haven gets attacked and destroyed (can’t remember which faction was the aggressor) the correspondent message is not erased and stays in the news forever.


Later in the game this gets worse, to the point where one can barely click on the current active event. Add to this that some completed missions still show as active on the geoscape

  • yeah, I just came upon a case where a completed mission was still marked as active in such a way, it was project Vulture in my case, but I guess this bug is more general in nature.

  • a nice addition would be to able to scroll the mission news [active missions displayed on the left-hand side]. this would help when there are a lot of active missions and you can’t even see the ones at the bottom any more.

  • I just encountered a bug where a wasn’t able to move around any transport vehicles on the geo sphere. I built like 12 different transports of different kinds and made them all fly near to a base in order to redistribute all soldiers to different bases (kinda annoying you can’t just ‘automatically’ send them to base X via personnel tab but have to move em manually via transports that have to move around).
    all of a sudden after filling a few crafts with soldiers and moving them to other bases, I realized all crafts that where still hovering around wouldn’t respond to any move commands any more.
    I was so scared I loaded another save, should have prolly sent this to the devs?

  • another regular glitch on my side is that all the infos (i.e. icons) at havens concerning recruitment options and resources they offer are just gone. happens after a while almost every session IIRC.

If I can provide any further relevant info please let me know.

further sysinfo: AMD Ryzen 5 2600, 32 GB RAM, Nvidia GeForce 1050 Ti, latest drivers, Win10 up to date.

This is not a real time game. When you give order and realise it was mistake you should not be allowed to dismiss that order. You need to live with the consequences.

Considering that it’s a turn-based game, one could feel that until one “ends” the turn, all orders like Overwatch can be overridden as long as the unit still has action points…

I also believe the OP is referring to the fact that as one moves a unit and a new enemy is spotted “autopause” kicks in. I assume they would rather have the option to continue with the original movement plan. There have been times that I’ve spotted 4-6 enemies when trying to move to a position, only to have to pause, try to move to my desired position. only to have to pause, lather/rinse/repeat over and over again.

Then it would turn off functionality of spotting enemies which let you change movement order.

That is design that such orders end turn for a soldier. You need to choose carefully which orders you give. :slightly_smiling_face: Overriding should not be allowed in all cases.

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I understand your take on this. However in a real situation where the squad commander sees something and recognizes that an order needs to be changed before issuing the final command to strike, do they so, “Oh, no… my bad… guess I have to accept that fact that I can’t change orders in a fluid situation… sorry squad your dead meat now”.

We just differ on the take of how to play the game.

Yes, this is a rule of the game. Not real situation. :slightly_smiling_face:

Which begs the question, shouldn’t one be able to overrule an overwatch command prior to ending the squad’s turn? I guess is Canny Feedback time…

That is why I leave giving orders of overwatch at the end of the turn. But overall I don’t use this ability as it is far inferior to regular attack. I don’t think any rules here should be changed. There is many more other things that should be changed.

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this is exactly my point and my experience.

I’m not sure I understand you well enough here, but no.
No one is talking about not spotting enemies, but about how to react on this (game mechanics wise). As it is now, the game automatically pauses (auto pause) and you can and must set your movement again. this wouldn’t hurt to be made optional, so you could continue your movement if you would like to. a simple setting in options, other games have this too.
I don’t see how this could change movement order (as in soldier X first, then soldier Y), unless you mean movement orderS (as in go there, go here).

So you want the game to remember original destination and let you resume move in that direction?

What I meant is that when you turn that “pause” off you won’t be able to change movement direction, because soldier will continue to move. That is definitely not something that I would turn off. I like current way it works.

I am of the agreement that it shouldn’t be turned off. In the rare occassion it can be an annoyance, but it certainly is a useful tool as one moves around the map.