Bug +25% carry Maximum weight

Hi all. There was a bug in the game regarding the ability to carry +25% Maximum weight (dont no the Name of the ability in english).
In the inventory screen all seems to be correct calculated but on the battlefield the soldier have too few movement points.
Inventory screen:Example strength 20 + 25% means 25 points for Equipment.
Battlefield: movement 15 but only able to move 10 tiles.

I reported that bug “long time” ago. It is also mention in canny.

Is this bug still in the game or solved?

Just tested it and this is my conclusion: Talent Is not bugged. I tried it with two soldiers with 25 strength. One of them has resourceful talent and one does not. In tactical map soldier with talent can carry 31 and soldier without the talent can carry 25. That is 25% more after rounding.

What is bugged is that on Geoscape it shows encumbrance 34 for the guy with the perk instead of 31.

I Think that is exactly what i meant. Before the battle a higher value is shown. Therefore i have a Problem when i use the total amount for Equipment…

But doesn’t the perk also say it grants a +2 to strength as well?

So your guy with 25 strength should either be at (25str+2str)+25%=33.75 [rounded up would in fact be 34] or at (25str+25%)+2=33.25 [rounded to 33]. Either way 31 doesn’t seem right.

The perk appearing to only grant the +25% and not the +2 to strength is the bug in question.

25% of 25 is 6.25
(25 * 0.25 = 6.25)
So in total: 25 + 6.25 = 31.25

I think I get it now and talk about a totally unintuitive design decision if it’s intentional.

Description of strength from manual: “STRENGTH: The general strength of a unit. Determines Hit Points, encumbrance limit, throwing distance, and bash damage.”

Description of Resourceful perk in-game: “Resourceful: 25% bonus carry weight and +2 Strength”

See the issue? The manual tells us anything which boosts strength should also boost encumbrance limit, as does the gameplay itself. The Personnel screen calculates that limit with regard to the perk the way many would intuitively do so, by first adding the +2 to the strength attribute and then calculating the +25% carry weight bonus based on that new total.

The way it actually gets implemented on the tactical layer is that the perk’s +2 strength is applied only to Hit Points, and hopefully throwing distance and bash damage, while excluding any impact it should have on encumbrance limit per the manual’s description of the attribute and the Personnel screen’s calculation.

Nothing in the perk’s description text however gives us any clue that this exclusion is being made and all information in-game is presenting the exclusion as a bug.

So either the Personnel screen is correct calculating the encumbrance limit in line with the manual description and it’s a bug on the tactical layer or an exception to the strength rules is being made intentionally on the tactical layer, the Personnel screen is calculating incorrectly, and an absolute hot mess was made by not laying that unintuitive exception out in the perk description which has in turn lead to mass confusion.

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That would be strange kind of interpretation and implementing, but also giving bonus two times (raw percentage bonus AND stat dependent bonus) would be also strange idea so who knows…

What is more interesting is that tactical layer and strategic layer are ruled by different methods/calculations. Or more precisely UI has its own calculations compared to core mechanics.

Agreed. Sadly the description text offers no hint about the intention of the perk’s design.

I could see argument for dropping the strength bonus altogether.

I could also see changing the perk text to read: “25% bonus carry weight and +2 Strength to Hit Point, throwing distance, and bash damage calculations.” and then changing the personnel screen calculation to match. This has the benefit of not changing current gameplay at all.

Excactly that is the point. The strategic layer show a higher value then the tactical layer. Therefore the movement is decrease when you use the encumbrance in total. That must be fixed…either in the strategic or in the tactical layer

It was seen earlier where weapon and armor stats were different between strategic and tactical layer. Currently all seems to be identical, but as we can see skills can differ.

I am currently playing year one edition and experiencing a similar issue. My technicians seems to suffer from this also.

Do they have some sort of stacking debuff? :thinking: You’ve got 25 strength but only 180 HP which is also weird to me. I’m pretty sure your remaining stamina from mission-to-mission affects your HP/Carrying Capacity… or something does, because I’ve noticed something similar on my soldiers before too, but was never clear as to what was causing it. (Those POI’s that reduce your soldier’s stats maybe?)

If we’re to assume you’re going in with 10/40 stamina (or something), and that at ~10 stamina you’ve got a 30% reduction to strength, then that’d be 18 rounded up.

I’ve already had that, the whole squad was affected. This bug? is almost certainly still there.