Bugs as of 2021

Have little to say. I didn’t play PP in a long time, I haven’t finished a single campaign, and I just started another one. I am yet to reach Festering Skies content, but so far it’s been fairly smooth and major-bug-free, and much much better then it was months ago.

I just checked this thread to see if I should continue my playthrough, after you have been loosing your shit for the last couple days. I am amused by what I have found, that’s all.

And I am irritated that you list those as “Bugs”. Feedback, sure, but it ain’t a bug, if it works as intended.

Your decision,but your exp with game is far less then mine.

I dislike my leg being pulled around in circles by lame excuses. Ir really does bring worse out of me, normally I am polite, informative with a bit of humor. But now when it reached EU, I am OK again since its gone to higher level then this council of protectors of developers.

Really? Re-read the list again and THINK!

I am glad even to amuse, as Old Veteran, its also serving fellow man.

No positive input yet. I am sure you have something to add instead of trolling.

I don’t know… Overwatch not being triggered by enemy standing in front of me out of nowhere just because opening doors have no animation doesn’t feel like something intended. :slight_smile:


That’s why I checked this post. And looking at it you having little to nothing to show for it. Have fun bringing that to the court :joy:

Ok. Let’s take it one by one.

  • Overwatch does not trigger when enemy open doors
    From the one I listed this one is the most legit one, though I would wager it works as intended. It is consistant with other games, uncluding FiraXCOM1&2, and Julians own UFO if I remember well. If overwatch triggers on enemy movement, then opening doors don’t count. Sounds more like a rule one needs to learn, or a quirk of how mechanic works, not necessarily a bug.

  • Response fire is not activated on close combat (you say it should be so, but just have this ability and let someone bash you - its not realistic)
    As it was mentioned - it’s intentional. If I remember there were complaints on how useless melee weapons are due to return fire. Might disagree with the design, but it works as intended. Therefore - not a bug.

  • Anims, anims of all packs, I wonder how I will see new anims?
    I missed that one in my last post. So you wish the game had higher production budget? Me too. So does snapshot probably. Good looking games sell better. That’s something, though that was apparent at all stages of game’s development. If production values weren’t high enough for you. you have 14 days after purchase (less then 2 hours of playtime) to refund. Not a bug though, unless some animations bug out. Haven’t seen one personally in this playthrough, and still much more consistant then FiraXCOM

  • Facial hair only shown in icons
    As above. In lower budgeted games hairstyles/facialhair often disappears when items are put on. I am pretty sure, at least some of the facial hair are displayed under helmets at least in inventory view, but frankly I didn’t pay much attention to it during gameplay. Most likely: Not. A. Bug.

  • New DLCs dont bring short time rewards
    And…? Are they supposed to?

  • Improve overwatch
    How so?

  • Sold items to fractions do not appear in their possesion
    So the game doesn’t have buy back option? Or they don’t utilize items purchased? What is the problem and why is it a problem? Or rather, what makes you think that the system exists, but it bugged?

PS. I never troll. I am just condecending. :wink:

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Thanks for nice wishes. Anims alone are enough, as well as Steam/Epic circumvating instead of dealaling with user complain. EU is as administrative as communist apartchiks but once ongoing …

And customer is almost always right in capitalism, let use it.

Now imagine, its all for $30 since I cant refund base games bought on kinguin (Serbian budget saves as we have African salaries). But gladly here I am not paying, procedure is automatically going. And is a matter of principle you cant treat players and humans like that and expect everyone to be max happy all the time.

Forget other game exp, I set overwatch it shold work AS INTENDED.

No, anims dont work from start of game on Win7.

Forget other games, this AAA title.

Yes, it keeps player going.

It does not work at all sometimes, enemies pass through the cone.

Its ilogicall.

Call it as you will, but your contribute is still zero. Check mine, forget past few days.

Some expo nations are not the best, I agree, you can make improved descriptions. But, bugs are there and we should squash them as cockroaches, not compile a list to wait after DLC10.

I am here just for Overwatch, so I’ll just answer to what I care about (I couldn’t care less about hair color or animations, visuals are last on my expectations list :stuck_out_tongue: of a TBS game).

I think of it as an integration bug (two systems work as intended, but integration between them works in an unexpected way). Overwatch is triggered by non-idle animation, but ther is no door opening animation so it doesn’t trigger at all. I woudn’t mind if enemy was sideway (left or right of doorframe), it would make sense, but enemy appear “out of nowhere” in the middle of a doorframe covered by three OW cones and is ignored by everyone (“must have been the wind” :P). If that is really intended, I don’t want to play this game at all. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t find this (at least that part I have on my mind :P) a bug, but a very bad game design (I guess because that is how “cinematic” camera works in this game). Overwatch is triggered sequential instead of simultanous. If I OW same spot by multiple soldiers (create “killzone”) I would expect them to immidietly shot at anything unfortunate enough to move there. Yet… they don’t. The slow-mo animation starts, and my soldiers take turns (because that part is turn-base apparently), lean in slow-mo out, takes a shot, leans back. And then next soldier in slow-mo leans out, takes a shot, leans back. And next soldier. Turn by turn. No big deal, one could say it is just visuals and he could be right… if not the fact that for the whole time my soldiers take turns, enemy in slow-mo runs wherever he wants, often behind cover long before even second soldier has opporunity to do his action. :smiley: So rest of my dumb, sad soldiers shot a wall, a box, a pillar, even a friend in a back because enemy position is still ray-traced regardless of him being long gone and unhittable.

So, for three OW soldiers see enemy:

  • expectation: all of them shots enemy at the same time (or enemy is frozen in a position, not slow-mo doing whatever he likes :P),
  • reality: “wait for it… wait for it… wait for it… aaaand he’s gone behind the wall, oh no, silly me” :stuck_out_tongue:

Similar as above, if that is intentional, I don’t want to play this game at all. :slight_smile:

Ref. link: Are you guys ever going to fix overwatch?


Eh my Polish friend, now you get source of my consumer right erection :slight_smile:

Don’t let him drag you into this

To what? I just want him to add more bugs, as clearly stated. Even he started hostile.

Thank you Your Majesty for coming down! Can you add some more?
You were called and expected in very first line of this thread.

It is debatable that this is not a bug, but a design decision. If one sees it as a bug, it needs to be reported in game via F10. If one feels that it is a poor design decision, it is not a bug and if the design team feels that it is indeed a poor decision they can fix it. But, if they feel that it is working as they planned, one can either accept it or give up on the game.

No, anims dont work from start of game on Win7.

They did work at one time. But, the devs updated their software to work with the newer Unity Engine updates. The Unity Engine broke the cut scenes for some users (Windows 10 as well as 7). The upcoming hotfix promises a workaround for this issue. Kudos to SG for not waiting for Unity to fix the problem.

This is the most game breaking bug!!! Give us a break. It’s an extremely minor issue. But again, if one can’t live with it, find another game to play.

Again… if one sees it as a bug, it needs to be reported in game via F10. That way the devs can see the data and determine if it is indeed a bug or that it is working as designed.

OK, very baad design decision that I feel needs a correction, and I am not the only one.

They dont work for very long time and without autoskip option, its very boring. Again, you should revert to a bit older Unity, as soon as spoted.

Minimal decency would be introduce SKIP ANIM in options instead of 1000 key presses per campaign + introduce text for missing DLC info anims. Is that so hard to figure?

Its listed as minor, dont yell at I. I clearly separate most important stuff from less important providing your devs with to do list, if they cant on their own with all the glory of council.

Its almost impossible as its ongoing action. Please, you try it. Once you see it, its already gone and I believe bug reporting does not work during enemy turn. Please advise.

My policy is SOLUTIONS not EXCUSES, and per it Council really keeps trolling.

I know I will regret it, but ask anyway: What if I don’t see it as a bug but a bad game design? :stuck_out_tongue:

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I answered here Are you guys ever going to fix overwatch? - #31 by MadSkunky, just to not spam even more in this “bug” thread.

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Thanks Pepe, you are on of most dedicated to I policy, too bad no devs hears ya!

While one may not be able to F10 during the enemy’s turn, F10 has a dump of the player log that has all of the actions prior to and including the perceived bug. Take a good look at a player log, there is a ton of info there.

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Nooo, that is devs job. I am a player, not a logger. But thanks for explaining mechanism, that is spot on! What about above proposed anim solution, its faster then some Voodo you are developing fast

Dont be selective, read everything and comment it all! In my eyes not giving a solution is high level trolling!

Game Feedback - Snapshot Games Forums and/or Feedback | Phoenix Point


Also giving just links and videos instead of opinions is still high lev trolling, only in some given context and to direct solution - leads to something productive.

I agree, its not low level trolling, but as you say “dont feed da trolls!”

When you start thinking like that, everything is clearer.

and thanks for DISCORD banning without writing anything in public.
I will justify it as advanced support. Fear is strong enemy!

Here you go: Are you guys ever going to fix overwatch? - #32 by Nattfarinn . I wonder when someone but us will give a shit about what’s posted on this forum… :stuck_out_tongue:

Here you go: Overwatch | Voters | Phoenix Point . I wonder when someone but us will give a shit about what’s posted on this tool. :stuck_out_tongue:

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They give a shit about what’s posted there, but as I’m also a member of the CC, just don’t trust me :stuck_out_tongue:

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