BB3 Overwatch Issues

I’m sure these have all been reported before, but just in case:

GAME CRASHES WHEN FRAGGING FRAGGERS: If you kill a Fragger with Overwatch, the game throws you to a ground-level POV and locks there. Reported via f12 a couple of times.

THE PISTOL GAMBIT: If you select Pistol and put your Squaddie into Overwatch, he will OW fire with his primary weapon rather than the pistol. This is currently a great way of getting your Snipers and Heavies to travel twice as far as they should do and still get to fire.

Given the importance of ammo conservation, I sympathise with those asking for some kind of Overwatch filter. Knowing how complex such things can be, I wonder whether a solution might be having 2 Overwatch buttons: Long Watch and Short Watch. If you select Long Watch, you will fire at anything that moves – but if you select Short Watch, you will only fire at targets within, say, 10 tiles. That way, Squaddies with inaccurate weapons won’t waste bullets on faraway enemies, but can still stay alert for those sneaky little Fraggers.


This is one of the reasons I came here today. Wanted to see if I was alone on this one, or if it was universal. I didn’t realize it was even happening at first, but the sound of the sniper rifle popping off brought me around. I’ve not taken a Heavy out with a pistol yet, but I can see it working.

In case it matters, it’s not just a graphical glitch. The primary weapon is firing and using ammo. I had wondered if it was just visual glitch at first, but no. :cheers:

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I think in the final game there will be fog of war, the mist, and night missions, all of them cutting LoS. So overwatch will tend to be really short range, because most enemies will be covered in darkness.

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Came to suggest this. I had a soldier take a shot through a crack in the wall of a disheveled building that I wasn’t even aware they could see through. Maybe the filter could be set to “Percentage of coverage of aiming reticle” so even if they are close but in cover and you’re likely to miss, the soldier still won’t take the shot.

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I would say that almost every such case will be solved by cone of fire which was mentioned by Julian himself during some interview. Just set it right and you soldier won’t try to shoot in some strange direction.

And I just want to have option to exclude enemy from overwatch/return fire. No need for more sophisticated system related to overwach.

Would definitely appreciate some overwatch filters, even if it’s simply based on weapons… Shotguns would only activate close, AR medium, and sniper at long. Not sure about MG.

How about a feature that shows the visual arc and range of a soldier? That way you know what and how far out the guy can see.

At the moment soldiers can see any distance and 360 degrees. The perception system hasn’t been implemented yet.

BTW. Isn’t that set for 35 tiles straight currently? I could swear that my soldiers don’t see enemy through whole map even if they stand in the open road.