Bug artillery placed acid worm in unreachable spot

I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree then. In open areas it is as you said, but not in tight spaces.

I’ve seen them get trapped in barrels and the things that look like old computers / control consoles in open areas of scavenging maps.

That’s not what I said, I said that it would partially solve the problem if worms exploded upon hitting anything when launched, instead of only slapping and falling to the ground.

Chirons are not early enemies.

Most soldiers can survive a worm explosion if you treat the wounds with a medkit.

The bombing chiron has projectiles that explode on impact, so that’s already in the game. The counter is to seek shelter from above. They do come later, but the worms would only explode IF they hit anything instead of falling to the ground.

This is right but it would be the worm’s “choice” to explode when hitting a soldier. However it would indeed not make much sense upon hitting scenery if we can bash them to death, that’s correct.

So separating into two issues: making them explode upon impact wouldn’t make sense with bashing them, I agree. However exploding them upon hitting a soldier would still be nice… or maybe this as an evolution of the worm chiron. Let me expand on the concept:

Previously in earlier versions of the game, you faced both worm chirons and bombing chirons from mid-game. Worm chirons are only a nuisance, but bombing chirons were too strong and a lot of players complained about them, so they were pushed towards endgame. Also, because of the random part of pandoran evolution, they don’t even appear in some campaigns. However they were pushed so further away that I for one have never seen them again since these changes. So we mostly face worm chirons which are too easy, then depending on evolution goo chirons that can be countered with equipment and much later other types. Unless you extend your campaign, you can end the game without seeing any.

So I think there could be a mid-term, a chiron that’s more of a direct-damage threat that however is not a nuclear bomb into your whole team even when a bit apart. Maybe a poison/mist chiron could be cool, but making the worms explode upon impact would give a bit more edge to an existing enemy.

Edit: DLC2 has a new chiron type, I’ve not seen it and I don’t even know what it is, so maybe it already does what I said. I’ve played only one campaign with DLC2 and it did not appear for me.

I have only seen this Chiron in my very long campaign mostly at the end still very rarely.
It is listed in the wiki and called Smaragdus.
In short, it is a blast (explosive) Chiron with a special Abdomen that increases its damage when you hit him.

I have faced acid acid bombers too much for my taste in my last campaign. Also I think 3-4 of them are always in the final mission, and the only way to safely face them is to exploit their aiming in my experience, which is no fun.

Most of your comments are accurate, my only real problem is it would feel too random for me, taking a lot of damage due to extremely bad luck in a position were you would be totally safe 99% of the time would feel unfair, as it was not the players fault but just bad luck.

Regardless, an option of killing the worms if detected to fall in a piece of scenery or in an unreachable position will work for me. I just will not make them explode inmediatly, but in 1-2 turns, giving the player some visual warning.

Is fair if we disagree on the kill all enemies objective. The worms are not simple fun to chase in my opinion, but of course it is just that, my personal opinion.

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Wow seems worse than the previous one… no wonder it’s hidden behind an evolution wall.

I think (but am not sure) that they’re not always there in Rookie and Veteran difficulties. OTOH, I also think they’re mandatory in higher difficulties.

What do you see as random in the 1% bad luck time when you get hit by an explosive worm directly? As in the other bombing chirons, you could still take cover, so it would really be almost impossible to happen unless you’re consistently in the wide open. So it would be your fault in the end, it is an artillery enemy after all. That’s why I don’t see it as random / bad luck. The player would kinda be asking for it, and it would even be a kind of training for the later chirons - if a chiron sees you - get cover!

As they already implemented it already in the past, I guess they’ll probably just fix the bug and make no changes - so they’ll explode as soon as they detect that they don’t have a path to any enemy.

In a side note, there’s another thread where we discussed if the AI cheats in any way. I guess worms do cheat, because they must know where we are because of this problem. The other enemies do not.