AP bar and crippled legs

I wasn’t sure whether to put this under ‘bugs’ or ‘feedback’ as I could be either.

With both legs crippled the soldier will only be able to move one square. Once the square has been moved the AP bar will say “out of action points” however it is still possible to fire the gun, throw grenades etc.

This is quite confusing as the AP bar is trying to show both the remaining movement spaces and the soldier’s ability to use equipment but since his movement capability was reduced it no longer matched his max AP and he still had AP left to shoot the gun.

I would suggest having a second AP bar showing movement points as well as the first showing Action points. Or for the AP bar to split horizontally when legs are injured and to display the full AP on the top half and a greyed out area to show how much movement points are no longer available due to injury on the bottom half.
This would allow players to see how many of their AP they could use to move while also seeing their total remaining AP independent of movement.

I think the AP bar would also benefit from having actual numerical values as well as the visual and percentage indicators. That way it would be much easier for players to predict how much AP their actions will cost so that they can decide whether they have enough AP to open the inventory, swap out a grenade and then use it, for example.
Maybe 12 AP points, 6AP to fire the assault rifle, throw grenades etc, 9 to fire the sniper and heavy machine gun, 3 to reload and 1 per movement point.