Can't move after killing enemy in adjacent tile

After killing an adjacent enemy with a Berserker/Assault with Rapid Clearance and Adrenaline Rush activated, using the Iconoclast shotgun, my guy can’t move. He has action points left, but every tile I hover over has the appearance on an illegal move (there is a white X over it). I have noticed this while killing a Terror Sentinel on a Citadel map, and while killing a Scylla in the final mission. I’m not gooed, and have agile legs anyway.

Known bug.

It has nothing to do with your soldier classes, skills or equipment.

This is related to hit boxes of dead terror Sentinel, dead Scylla and probably dead Chiron and calculation of movement path for your soldier. Lirerally he is trapped inside of dead enemy.

While killing them try to leave 1 tile distance free between your soldier and enemy.

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Yeah, I figured that was the case. Thanks for the clarification.

Yes, this happened to me too in a lair. Solution - grenade my soldier out of there! But that can hurt!