"Grenade destroyed" then soldier gets stuck in pain animation

My assault soldier was inside one of the large buildings in full cover behind a support column. The game froze when I tried to throw a grenade through the large open doorway at an enemy hiding behind an explosive tank. When it continued my soldier blew up and a message said “grenade destroyed” and “arm disabled.”

My soldier however remained frozen part way through a pain animation. The support column was destroyed so I used his remaining action points to move him to cover. The game froze again, when it continued the soldier again remained frozen and teleported square by square to the new cover.

Then his remaining actions were refunded and I was allowed to move him again, which I did. The game froze, then he teleported his way along and again refunded his action points. I moved two more times with the same results, then simply ended his turn.

Funnily, an enemy grenadier finished him off on their turn.

Unfortunately I didn’t record any of it. I’ll try to remember to do that next time.

Something similar happened to me. He was stuck in the basic ready animation. He was also an assault.

Hmm, this freezing and teleportation seems to happen when a soldier’s weapon is destroyed on their turn as this happened to me when i tried to use the crabman gun and it destroyed itself. My guy was stuck in the firing animation rather than the ready animation but I think that’s just because his weapon broke during that animation.

The grenade not throwing and just destroying itself seems to be a glitch of it’s own though…