Soldiers unable to move after descending to lower gangway

Here’s a bug that wasn’t mentioned in the known bugs list (and another ironic bug tagged on the end but we’ll get to that after the main one).

In my first run of the fort freiheit scenario, all of my soldiers died except my heavy. He was stood next to the tower you are supposed to send somebody into, on the gangway side. The queen was stood a few blocks away from him, just inside the entrance. I got him to fire his machine gun at her and then had the clever idea of making him drop down to the lower gangway to escape her clutches and avoid getting shot too much next turn. Never surrender as they say!

My plan was foiled on his next turn however as he could not move, despite having received no injuries at this point and having full action points. He could perform any action that did not involve moving, but could not move at all.

I figured maybe it was just a one-off so tried the same thing with an assault class soldier next game. This time he climbed down the ladder which is a gangway access point next to the building on the left (left as you enter the main compound and facing as if you just walked in). The same situation - he could perform any action except movement. Which leads me to think it’s, in fact, a built-in bug somewhere and not just a one-off.

In that same game, a crab took a shot at my sniper while he was in the tower and my the floor beneath my sniper was destroyed which left the sniper alive but stuck inside the tower building. Unsure if that was intentional but it seems a little off so thought it was worth a mention.

At this point, you might be wondering why I am posting these bugs here and not just reporting them in-game using the F12 function provided. Well here’s the ironic bug - my bug reporting doesn’t work! It keeps saying that it ‘timed-out’. Which means that at the moment I have no other way to report found bugs, at least no way that I’m aware of.

While this might sound like a complaining post, rest assured it isn’t - just reporting problems I’ve found so far. I want to take this opportunity to thank the devs for giving us access to the first build of the game and allowing us to take part in the bug squashing process. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying getting to grips with the current game mechanics and can’t wait to see what the next build is like!

EDIT: Finally had a chance to have a bit more of a play around with this today and found a few more interesting points to add. It seems to depend on where you descend to the lower gangway as some of the tiles next to the wall could be moved through and others could not, whereas the appearance of them suggests that they should all be available for movement.

I moved my sniper down to the gangway and found that his options for movement were limited to only some of the floor tiles next to walls and all of the floor tiles not next to walls. To test this I moved him back up to the main floor and made him drop down onto a tile that was ‘blocked off’ on his previous turn. Once he had dropped down, he could not move from that position. So there’s definitely something strange going on there that needs to be fixed.

I tried the same thing with the heavy and found that he had the same problem but he was able to jump-jet out of the gangway despite being ‘stuck’ in a tile wall position. Unfortunately, the rest of the squad do not have this option. So be careful with using the lower gangway if you don’t want a soldier to get stuck!

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I too have seen that when I go to the lower gangway…I am just stuck there with no way to return to the “top”.

Yes this is what prevented me from doing anything else on my first play through. Reported it with F12.

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I’ve noticed this bug as well. However, I don’t think it’s tied only to the lower decks. It happened to my sniper on a normal tile, just inside the main entrance to the fort. It happened in other situations as well.

I thought it might be tied to low willpower, but I recovered the sniper in the above example and it didn’t help.

It happened to me as well: I tried using the pit in the map to essentialy disable the Queen, since she can’t attact you if you are below terrain level. The passageway is two tiles wide: all the tile next to the wall will block you and are only accessible from above, while the inner tile are normal walkable tile. My Assault got in a wall tile from above and got stuck there, unable to move, while the rest of the squad got down through the ladder, and were able to move normally, except fot the wall tiles: to get in any of those tile, the soldiers would have to climb the ladder, run around the pit until next to the designed tile and jump down from there (and probably getting stuck in the process, as the first one did). Reported with F12.

Me too my assault couldn’t move but ended up able to shoot the queen and hit her with a grenade.

It’s happened to me, and more than just in the pit. I think it may be a pathing bug, because I’ve once had the sniper get stuck next to a crate but was able to ‘free’ him to move as normal by shooting and destroying the crate. My guess would be something about the check of the soldier’s position that the pathing uses gets an error but it resets itself when it remaps.