Anu Diplomacy Mission Broken

I just completed the first Anu Diplomacy Mission, which on the face of it looked tough – multiple regenerating Heavies backed up by 3 snipers - ouch! So imagine my surprise (tinged by a little disappointment), when it turned out to be such a paper tiger that I was able to take it out with just 3 Squaddies: one Sniper, one Grenade Launcher, and one hammer-wielding loon doped up on Dash.

To be fair, my Heavy was busy jumping all over the map acting as a WP-farm for the Dash-Head, but the other two simply sat in the sunshine eating sandwiches and enjoying the show.

I think the problem with the scenario as it stands is twofold:

  1. The Enemies spent so much of their time prioritising Healing over fighting that they never actually got round to shooting at me.
  2. By the time they thought to go into Overwatch, I’d destroyed all the Snipers’ rifles and all but one of the Heavies’ machine guns.

This was compounded when 3 of them huddled together in a mutual Healing cluster, enabling ‘Lobster’ Lobato to Dash forward, lob a GL grenade onto them, then Dash back into cover without anyone ever firing a shot at her. The coup-de-grace came when Xu ‘Warrior’ Dashed halfway across the map and felled the last 2 Heavies with her hammer 'cos I didn’t want to waste any more valuable ammunition on them.


  1. The Snipers should prioritise Overwatch over Healing one another – and they should go into Overwatch on Turn 1, even if not Alerted (which is what I do routinely on a mission).
  2. All Enemies should prioritise ducking for cover over Healing a squadmate – 'cos standing out in the open trying to put on a Band Aid is a recipe for disaster!
  3. Wounded squadmates should default to falling back to their comrades for Healing, rather than having their squadmates come out of cover and abandon shooting for Healing.
  4. Give them Return Fire, so that Dashing out into the open, lobbing a grenade, then Dashing back again isn’t a viable player strategy. Even then, they’re gonna lose their weapon to the grenade blast 60% of the time.

Hope that helps.

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yeah but leave DASH alone! I like it, if you think it is over powered just don’t use it that much… But don’t take it from someone who likes it, simple everyone is happy!

Please use cheats then if you like overpowered things. All other players want to have balanced game.

Yokes some times you say the most stupid things! Seriously! 'Use cheats then" WTF? The DASH is ALREADY in the game! You don’t need cheats to use the EXISTING game… My point is and has been that I like it the way it is, that’s it!!! … So keep your USE cheats to yourself… That is just rude! Showing you have not thought about anything I said (or even read it correctly) because if you did you would have got the point! It is that simple… Your only thinking of yourself.

Sorry for being rude. I should put more effort in explaining why Dash shouldn’t stay as it is right now. Others did it for me in other thread. Sorry again.:beers:

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Yokes I am sorry to… I have been a little wound up lately! all good…:slight_smile: