Ambush missions are tedious

I like the concept of the Ambush mission but I just find them tedious. Perhaps a better option would be to create missions where you just have to get your team from one side of the map to the other irrespective of how many aliens you kill?? Not sure but as a result of ambush missions, I now save the game as I’m exploring and then reload if its an ambush. Its just fun-sapping tedium.


I agree that the ambush missions are tedious. I realize that their design is to make every exploration tense and sap resources to keep it a resource-scarce world, but I just don’t find them fun either, and this is a game. The fighting isn’t all that fun, and as in BB5, there’s not enough reward of any kind to make them worth it. Maybe a higher xp reward for ambushes, or maybe more phoenix SP points for surviving one, something, anything, that makes me say “ok, I’m down for this” rather than “sigh, another one of these to slog through.”


I am pretty sure that they give twice as much experience. The mission is uninteresting, because there are no alternative ways and rewards.

They do give more SP than regular missions, but twice a trivial amount is still to trivial to interest me. If it even got as high as 10 PP SP I would be like “OK, hmm, sure” rather than “reload.”

I agree, the Phoenix SP points should be limited and hard to get but they are dished out so sparingly that they certainly don’t feel like enough of a reward to bother doing the mission. I just reload and skip it. Games are suppose to be fun.

I like the idea of having different types of ambush. Like one would be survive, one would be get through a gauntlet and one could be like your squad is split up on the map and needs to get back together at a particular point or something.


I agree with what you’re saying. They need to tone down the difficulty of them. They should be dangerous… not lethal if played well.

I agree, they could be ok when surviving the ambush you could get some other event on top of that. Now they are just insta reloads


Wow, why did I not think of that! It just sucks to resort to a reload. I literally “sigh” when an ambush mission pops. Glad I am not the only one feeling this way.

I’m also on my 4th (maybe 5th?) play through and skipping the resource missions I find too. Right now I am using the cheese method of trading Food for resources and stockpiling it. I haven’t really had a chance to even get through much story or explore on my prior play throughs due to how fast the enemy techs up early in the game and I can’t keep up.


Honestly, I’d be happy enough if it let you skip the mission by taking damage to your ship instead. Maybe like 20-40% damage. Not enough to really worry you but if you get a few in a row you’re going to have to fight through instead of letting your ship die. It doesn’t really give any rewards still but it will punish you for continuing to explore with a mostly damaged ship.


God, yes! The ability to skip these would be amazing. My manticores would blow up of course, seeing how I get 3 in 4 ambushes when exploring. But I just save load now and avoid sites that are ambushes. Of course that has started to kill immersion, so I am feeling less desire to play the game.

to be honest i just started today to do the save and reload on ambush, i was ambushed in mongolia where the near mist was in north america atlantic side and my frigging sensors should detect pandorans, i think ambushed could find places in the red/mist zones where pandorans are commons and the mist hide them from scans. Plus i will add maybe a couple of interactable crates to just hey i want the loot too if i survive and can grab some.

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Just to make a bit more sense and having moar variety for ‘ambush’ mission. I wish every ambush that not being covered by the mist should be taking battle with ‘thug - thief - raider’. These thug troopers filled with mixed classes between all faction and panda creatures (somehow they can tame them), let’s say they are rebel gang and yes they recruit anyone from all faction.

Plot twist, (Rise of The Rebel) Their tech are depended from all faction, and improve their tech into hybrid (augmented living being). They have their own mission to keep survive in these harsh world, they avoid into drama and politics…the only thing they can accept PP’s because PP help to clean those panda virus.

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Ambushes missions aren’t that bad, but they suffer of some problems (some already quoted) in my opinion from most important to less important:

  • Maps lack of diversity.
  • Too easy in general, they are obviously calibrated at a lower difficulty in case it’s not a full team nor a well prepared team.
  • Too small map.
  • Lack of sub scenario diversity.
  • They are much more limited in term of enemies compositions which is probably a consequence of second point.
  • They shouldn’t be random but at world creation, and they shouldn’t cancel the event.
  • They should occur during travels to limit equipment switching abuses, how generate those ambushes is another matter.
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It’d be interesting if there were some more variety to how ambush missions were setup, for example.

Sometimes having to fight through a line of enemies
Sometimes needing to cross a particular point on the map and not knowing what you’ll face upon the way
Sometimes being chased across the map by overwhelming odds
Sometimes being stranded and having to survive for x number of turns
Variety in map sizes (some larger maps) shapes (some long and thin, with tight choke points)

There could also be variety in terms of what you might find in that map:
Sometimes encountering stranded civilians from a failed haven that could be rescued
On rare occasions encountering a (unique) recruitable character or two


Wow. It would be awesome!

I consider it necessary to add a connection with Scavenging Site

on Canny there is no topic about Ambush

When you reload you see that there’s no link with Ambush and scavenging. For maps, perhaps, eventually both need more variations of maps. I don’t think many players do much scavenging beside a few. They become quickly a high chance of resource lost.