Unity Engine Update Disables Graphics Driver

Since the Unity update I am experiencing issues where PP will disable the video driver if left running and the monitor is powered down via power saver. It will take about a minute before CTRL/ALT/DEL will bring up the option to to run Task Manager. This does reactive the video driver, but PP is just a black screen with cursor and sound. At first I thought it was the new drivers that I installed about the same time of the update. I rolled back to the previous drivers and the issue still remains. I am not experiencing this issue with other games.

I am running with 2 GeForce GTX 980’s in SLI mode on Windows 7.

There are other issues like the animation for the Manticore freezes just before it lands.This only happens during day time. The night time animation is just fine. Also, when first loading the game, the music cuts in and out.