Black Screen Soon After Loading Mission


So I’m getting a black screen almost as soon as I load a save on a mission. The PC remains “on”, but has to be reset, and all programs close etc.

1: My CPU and GPU temperatures are fine

2: My drivers are up to date

3: I’m running other games fine with zero problems, for hours on end

Any idea what the issue might be, and if not, how to go about submitting a log? Currently running a 1070ti.


I don’t remember hearing about a purely black screen before :thinking:

Is the F12 button working? That’s how you submit in-game bug reports, if you didn’t know.

It happened to me all the time. Save game with F5 functionality. And try to reload with F9. If it doesn’t help then you will need to ‘win’ the mission. I’m still not aware if it is permanent corruption of mission part in campaign or just a casual case. I don’t have time to test it. My config is with GTX 1060.

I appreciate the responses!

Unfortunately it’s not as easy as reloading or capturing a bug report - all programs close when this happens, and I’m left with a PC that’s still “on” but doesn’t even detect the monitor. The only thing I can do is reboot the PC.