Frequent Black Screens of Death... But Only on Synedrion Maps...?

See title. The computer black screens and becomes unresponsive, forcing a hard reboot. It’s happened 7-9 times now, but seemingly only on maps with Synedrion architecture (the buildings with the blue glass windows) 30 seconds in, or 20 minutes in, apparently at random - I can play the game fine for hours, but as soon as a Synedrion map pops up, I know I’ll likely be restarting my PC 2-3 times before I can get through the mission.

GPU/CPU: GTX 1070ti/Ryzen2700X

Crash report on levels where this happens: submitted

Things I’ve tried that make zero difference:

Updating drivers
Redownloading game
CPU+GPU temps are fine
Underclocking GPU

I’ve played dozens of extremely demanding games with this rig, and so far, Phoenix Point is the only game causing this issue. A fix would be greatly appreciated.

Hmm. What directx/.net / visual c++ versions do you have installed. Sounds like it could be a shader incompatibility issue


DirectX 12

.Net: 4.8

C++: 2017 14.16.27033

Hmm. Okay, it’s not necessarily a smoking gun but I see all the things you don’t have and that I have:

.Net 4.0
C++: 2015-2019 14.24.28127.4

I don’t have either the .net 4.8 or the 2017 C++ redist and don’t have the problem you have. (Running win10 64bit)

Since multiple versions of the .net framework and VS C++ distributable can be installed simultaneously, it’s possible your issue could be fixed by installing SlimDX and the updated version of the C++ redist - though according to some users, these don’t help.

You can find the SlimDX runtimes for x86 and x64 here.

And the x86 and x64 C++ redists here for the 2015-2019 updated version.

Personally, I’d try the C++ first, then the .net.

Thanks! I’ll see if these make a difference, will report back.