Better Challenges please, and ingame

In the guide you gave 3 challenges:

  1. drop, all equipement and only use what you find in chests
  2. only use 1 hero
  3. only use explosives.
    first of all: As much as i like challenges in general, i don’t like challenges that basically say “try it by crippling yourself”. Challenges are a good thing, but i think they should make you strife for perfect use of the abilities you have.
    few examples i can think of right now:
  4. make the queen panic
  5. kill all aliens before the queen enters the base
  6. don’t loose a single soldier or vehicle

Apart from that: please implement Challenges you make into the game.
So if you make a challenge with “Beat the mission with only 1 soldier, but you can pool all equipment to her” i want to be given only 1 soldier when trying that challenge. maybe with a bit of extra equipment.

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I ll keep an eye for that part of guide :slight_smile:

Has completing any of them given any special screen or message?

I agree your list is far more reasonable :wink:

no, i did not get any special screen or message.

i only completed the one with “only use 1 hero”.

i also used the vehicle, but i don’t see vehicles as partymembers/heroes (since they usually have to be conquered from inside the base).

about the challenge to use explosives only, i am still arguing with myself if melee attacks (from technician) are allowed and/or ramming them with the vehicle is allowed. Not allowing any of the 2 could prove extremely difficult and RNG based. thats because i think the ammount of explosives available/findable are barely enough to kill the queen. That means you have to not kill any alien until then, still loot boxes and then kite the queen in a way that she stands on multiple crabmen so you can finally shoot away at all of them. oh, and of course you’d have to HOPE they don’t just kill the vehicle…

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What do you mean by “ingame”? That’s typically the stuff that gets implemented as Steam or GoG achievements isn’t it?

I dislike Steam telling me what to do. That should be displayed in game (e,g,. picking a certain challenge) similar to random map (and you get the radnom map heheh). That would make BB+ days far more interesting.

As later concept, maybe, but single mission separated from main game storyline.


That one is … I salute you!

On explosives alike, instead of searching all the crates, one should get tons of explosives only.


What do you mean by “ingame”? That’s typically the stuff that gets implemented as Steam or GoG achievements isn’t it?

By ingame i mean an option inside the game. Where you can click on it to do the challenge with all restrictions/conditions given to you. So if you do a “1 Hero only” Challenge, you get to choose 1 hero at the start as well as the equipment you want to give her. If you do a “kill all enemies before queen enters the base” challenge, you win as soon as you kill all enemies, but loose once the queen enters the base.
The main reason (to me) is that i want to have really crisp and clear boundaries of what i may and may not do in order to beat the challenge.

I’m afraid that “only explosives” and “use only what is in crates” are too difficult to complete. With enemies swarming the entrance where you start it is almost impossible if you don’t sacrifice few soldiers to let others get to crates/explosives. It is not reasonable from the player perspective. :wink:

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Fair enough, artificial challenges like this don’t really appeal to me but to each their own. I’d rather see them as an added skirmish mode where you play specific maps and configurations with specific challenges though.

Now that i have done all 3 Challenges, i agree that “use only what is in crates” was by far the hardest one (I had to restart several times until i was lucky enough to have a crate near me with a weapon in it).
The “only explosive weapons” i made on first try (Ramming with Vehicle is no weapon, so i allowed it, but vehicle turret and welder arms are nonexplosive weapons, so i did not attack with them. Also i was lucky to get a mission without queen).
Well, and the “do it with 1 hero only” was the easiest (unfortunately i was unable to hide the others, so they occupied some Crabmen and the queen for a few turns just by standing around. Not that i needed that…).

But the point is, they are all possible.