EGX Scenarios Tips & Strategies

Guys, who’s been playing those EGX Special Scenarios?

By now I’m able to finish Challenging without loosing any soldier, which makes me pretty confident I can tackle Brutal, and which also makes pretty wrong, since by second or third turn I lost half my squad, and the Queen hasn’t even shown up. So, some of the things I learned so far.

  • explosives are be mandatory, since they can trash several enemies at once and take care of both guns/arms/launchers of those who survive;
  • In Challenging, stunning enemies give you one or two precious turns in which you don’t have to deal with said enemies, focusing instead on the other twelve or thirteen, so it stands to reason the same can be said for Brutal;
  • A soldier infected with Zombie status can be healed until the status clears by itself;
  • No word on how to clean Burning or Gooed status, though;
  • The sniper must be able to clear a single weapon in one shot, wether by choping the arm, or destroying the weapon itself. Anything else is just a waste of ammo;
  • Even with the new 5WP cost, Exertion is still the best skill;
  • Aren’t those Sirens carrying way too much HP? Still, best to go for their heads, thus removing the Panic and Frenzy effects;
  • Finally!, retrieving and redeplying turrets!;
  • I like to put my Heavy in a rooftop beginning first round, it gives such an ahead strategy at the cost of a single turn, in which the enemies are just placing themselves anyways.

Anything else?