Backer Build 5 update patch 0.5.48579

We’ve just rolled out an update for Backer Build 5 taking it to version 0.5.48579 to resolve some of the more serious issues:

  • Fixed a crash that occurred in the loading screens of certain maps

  • Lowered the volume on the Geoscape music

  • Fixed a crash that occurred while loading a Geoscape save when there are no Tactical saves

  • Fixed an issue where the players could load a non-interactive Geoscape

  • The “+Ammo” button fully rearms partially empty guns

  • Fixed a crash that occurred in the deployment screen

  • Fixed an issue where equipped Mutations would disappear from an allied unit’s body

  • Fixed a hang that occurred after using the Armadillo’s RAM ability

  • Fixed the game crashing when loading an auto-save from an older version of the build


can’t wait to test it!

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Finally! Lost a great game due to save file corruption, can’t wait to try with new patch

can’t launch PP from epic store because of “LS-0013”. However it’s working fine launched directly from the folder.

just to confirm:

  • old ‘empty globe’ saves are still broken,
  • research/manufacture freeze from old saves still exist.

I hope that new patch prevents this error while was unable to fix already broken save files

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Unfortunately some of the most serious issues are not addressed.
The saves issue is still not fixed.
And what is a game breaker is the random equipment change in the roster. This alone makes the build unplayable. I am done with this backer build.
I have been following you since the first backer build and this is the most bugged iteration yet.
Get ready for another push of the final release date…

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It’s the most bugged because it’s the most complex with the most content. The more stuff you add, the more bugs you introduce.

cool thing! However it does not seem to work if you cannot manufacture the said ammo.
Example: I have a laser sniper and spare ammo in my storage. However, I cannot manufacture it yet. +Ammo button does not work. Just a minor thing.

Don’t disagree with you there. But they have been working for it for some time now and it is nearing release. These couple of issues were not there before. I am not a programmer so no idea really, but it seems to me that adding new content shouldn’t really affect a solid structure on this level. I mean I can understand problems like buggy graphics for new content, or interaction issues with older models. But this is an inventory issue. And the saves? anyway. I hope they will make it work in time, but I am not very optimistic.

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I suppose it is better to start new game, because something in saves can be bugged and will trigger some error later?

Freezes when starting, when loading, when saving, when aliens turn,
even in ‘heaven dialogues’.
I could understand all technology and research bugs, and even bit weird tactics, but that…
Average time for playing about 15 mins - less than time for multiple restarts between. I’d better wait till the next fix good reviews.

There is another little bug:

If you click Ammo+ it creates a new full magazine and loads it in the weapon while the half spent one goes in storage; now if you click again it takes the half spent at puts it in inventory so you ‘think’ to have three but you just have two and half and are going to have a surprise at reload.
You can see that the magazine is not full mousing over, and manifacture another, but it’s a little annoyance.

It is intentional. You just bought 2 magazines with 2 clicks. That half empty magazine is still there, weapon is just reloaded for you to start full on next combat.

If it would be that easy for programmers to find all possible bugs within the sourcecode before release, Windows wouldn’t have that much bugs either. :crazy_face:

aaaannddd… my four last saves are not working (loading for 5 minutes)… :confused:

I still got stuck at pandoran activity/pandoran turn. This time, it happened when the enemies were tritons with mist producer, regen, and pain chameleon

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After playing for several hours in BB5 I can share my impressions and wishes for the game:

  • It looks strange to assign levels to fighters, as in an RPG. Much more logical in a military organization would be the assignment of a new rank - rooky, sergeant, etc. I also did not like the division into classes. It would be plausible that we hire a newcomer who does not yet have any skills and gradually bring up a veteran from him with the skills that we need, and not random the skills.
  • The game has very weak grenades and their effect is strange. It would be logical if after the explosion the unit would get a shell shock for 1 turn, and there would be an animation of the shock wave, the unit would fly off and fall to the ground. And here for some reason, the weapon that the unit holds in its hands is destroyed. In my opinion this is very stupid, the rifle is steel, the man is meat, what do you think is stronger?
  • Animation of how a fighter twists a huge hammer with his hand, this is very unrealistic. Just as a sniper waves a rifle.
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I usually play with free look ON. This build, free look puts the screen into a perpetual spin.

System config is:

i9-9900k, 48gb Ram, Windows 10 Home, Mouse, Keyboard, x56 Rhino HOTAS, All drivers etc updated.

If I turn off free look, spin stops.

This is NEW since last patch.

I believe a bug was added in this build, and we cannot auto collect the enemy weapons & ammunition at the end of the battle.

Only if we manually pick them up and we hurry before all the enemies are dead. At least new campaigns are affected.
Thanks and keep the good work :slight_smile:

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I think one of the people at Snaphot has created a new language for Pandorans. So it would would be great to have someplace where you can find all that they say and its translation.
Now, for this specific case, it would be great if it was done ASAP in this Thread to put an end to this controversy.
After all, is foul language worse than killing other human beings (what we do in some missions)? I’d rather have it at a minimum than all the time (as any game) but as long as it is a normal soldier/creature reaction to swear it’s not out of place.