[BB5] Invisibility of enemy hit seem to not work consistantly?

The (new? i think? haven’t played BB4) enemy that have a torso ability to turn invisible seem to react strangely from time to time. Or i’m just not able to understand how it work?

If i shot the ennemy, he turn invisible (assuming his torso isn’t destroyed).
When the player turn end, came the allien turn, most of the time, the cloaked ennemy shoot one of my dude without breaking his invisibility, then at the crab endturn, he reveal.

Most… but sometime the cloak seem to work an aditional turn, and end up the second turn when the crab fire, one full playturn after he was hit in the first place.

Meaning he can fire 2, sometime 4 times, while fully invincible to overwatch, ripost fires, or even a player turn (technicaly you can shoot a totaly invisible ennemy, i killed few with a mix of luck, prediction of movement, and some kaboom material), witch seem a little op by itself, but i can deal with it. Thing is i’m not sure it’s intended? If yes, i’ll love to know what cause the cloak to sometime having only une turn duration, sometime 2, regardless ennemy shoot or not.