Grenade damage radius

Is it just me or have the grenades been heavily nerfed since BB4? Not just in damage but coverage too.

In BB4, granades could and would damage aliens slightly outside the explosion radius. In BB5 they quite often lack damaging aliens within the explosion radius.

I have had several times, from the Firecat launcher, getting several aliens within the radius and show the health bar damage but when the nade lands, all the aliens on the edge of the clipping receive no damage.

If they were behind cover, or even had the shield facing the explosion I could agree with it. The last few have had crab men and even fire worms in the open, with no cover and nothing happens to them. It gets quite frustrating when you cannot trust the damage the GUI is promising.

You line up a shot so it is just clipping 2 fresh crab men and killing one closest to you… only to have it only damage the furthest one away and the other 2 are left untouched, to come and kill you on the next turn.

I think that damage doesn’t cover all directions now. You still can damage multiple targets, but some will be omitted. I wasn’t paying too much attention to it, but happened to me few times. I assumed that one enemy made as a cover for another, but maybe it is not the case. Or maybe it is a bug? I haven’t play for some time right now, as game is hanging for me too often and I don’t like to use cheat codes. But maybe I will sit to BB5 again and will check this out.

Cover affects grenade blast, as do arthrons shields; a grenade exploding near a wall doesnt affect those inside and even a solid cover, like street lights concrete basement, does.

To be sure to neutralize an enemy you have to explode the grenade the side he has the rifle or the grenade arm, and be sure there is no hard cover in beetween

You have cheat codes!?! Holy crap dude, pass them over. Has been bugging the shit out of me when the game hangs. I am only playing on a little as I only just got my hands on the BB5. I am assuming in the near future when the locks ups piss me off too much I will shelf the game too.

That’s what I was expecting TBH. If there was a shield or ANYTHING between the grenade and the unit I could explain the missed splash damage. I have been playing with this a little and am finding the more aliens that are in the blast radius, the more chance there is, of nothing happening to one of them. Usually one on the outer edge of the radius.

The easiest place to reproduce it is in an alien nest with a Firecat. Loads of target spam in confined spaces. Have had it happen to worms, face huggers, crabmen, titans… several targets in the radius, nothing but floor between nade and missed contact, pre-shot shows all will receive damage.

nothing special - during tactical mission open console and type ‘win’ then hit enter and watch mission summary screen. Not really interesting but when game is preventing from playing it is useful. I have sometimes also used ‘reset_tactical_view’ but it is quite short term solution, as game is freezing more often after it will hapen once during mission.

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Thanks Yokes. I can see what you mean. the ‘win’ solution only works about 50% of the lock ups. For me it is waiting for the aliens to take their turn and it is like it gets stuck on the next move. Win helps finish the mission if not totally locked up. If totally locked up it still just sits there.

Would be great to have a ‘immediately finish current turn’ command :slight_smile:

It’s not that I think grenades aren’t useful. They can be very nice to remove cover, hit several enemies or damage enemy equipment. They are, however, too expensive and I find myself simply not using them because I can’t really afford the restock.

In think that is because how powerful they were in BB4. The aliens attack in mass swarms with not much brain power.

The firecat launchers in BB4 were great for clearing out packs of aliens. And did I mention a hell of a lot of fun. :joy:

They were the perfect antidote for the swarms. A little too perfect by the look of it. In BB5 they have nerfed the grenades power, damage and spread (which probably explains the issue I am seeing).

Now in BB5, the nerfed grenades have lost all their punch and the price tag removes much of the fun. Maybe in the final release we will see them back in the middle somewhere.