BB4 New Scavenger Missions

Love all the new content but I do have one complaint. Is there any intent to chain animate melee attacks? My very first mission into the build was a scavenger mission and I was going up against claw/shield crabs. The mission almost took an hour and I think it is fair to say that 3/4 of my time was watching the crabs melee the crates. Animation/character reset 3-4 times from one bad guy on 6+ enemy. Would love to see a speed up enemy turn option if there is no intent to chain melee attacks. Or maybe the crates have to much hp? Just some suggestions. Really annoyed me watching 3+ enemy attack the same crate 3+ times. Other then that I am enjoying all the new content keep up the great work!

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Agreed. I’ve had to sit through watching a crabman take ~10 seconds every time he decides to pincer-melee the exact same crate. When meleeing, perhaps you could decide whether to attack once, or attack as many times as your AP will allow; so if you have 75% AP left, you can hit three times, and these all happen in succession like a burst attack.