BB5 exe file Location?

Hi, I downloaded BB5 last night and I’m excited to play it. My gaming laptop seems to want to run it on it’s integrated graphics card instead of its 2060 gtx. I think this is mistaken. Could someone tell me where the file is located on Windows 10? Thank you

[Place where you have installed Epic Launcher]\PhoenixPointBackerBuild\PhoenixPointWin64.exe

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Thanks a ton!

Does anyone have info on the EGS default location? I installed it without changing anything. I looked in the EGS stated location of Vaultcache, and there is nothing there. There is no PP backer build folder. I have searched my drive for PhoenixPointWin64 and the only hit I got was from like the BB2 zip file. I cannot find this game whatsoever on my HD, despite being able to play it fine. EGS just goes nuts on system resources and it’d be a lot more convenient to launch directly.