Signature Edition questions

Hi guys. I picked up a signature Edition in April and haven’t gotten any updates since then. I was supposed to get a soldier name input prompt as well as other rewards and I haven’t heard anything. Any news on when you will be getting around to that?

an email with a form to fill in with that information will be sent just before launch

Thanks for the quick response. I rummaged through my email and found your other notifications, my bad on that.

You’re welcome.

Though for future reference I’m just a community volunteer not a member of the Snapshot Games team.

Oh, that’s all good, just glad for info.

I haven’t gotten any information on BB5 either.

what information haven’t you received?

Some people received an email on the release of BB5. Update emails mainly.

No nothing is going to my spam folder.
If no emails are being sent please disregard. Thanks.

AFAIK, no emails were sent about bb5

I didn’t get an email about it but the backer build in the Epic Games Store automatically updated. I don’t use it for any other game but this so I didn’t notice.

Thank you.

you’re welcome

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I have not yet received the email with the e-form.
I bought (03.10.2019) the signature edition in the STORE PHOENIXPOINT (

I received the Code my Phoenix Point Signature and I currently have an EpicGame account backers version. Waiting for it to change its status to Ultra after its release in December.
But I’m still waiting for the e-form. I always check in spam, but the e-form was not there.

I’d suggest also checking in your trash folder and if using Gmail or hotmail, in promotions. If you still cannot find it, I’d send an email to

Send again. :slight_smile:

I have received and sent the completed eform. I hope it will be ok. Thanks.