BB4 "unavailable" on Epic Games

good. enjoy im at 81% gonna take a a couple and half hours im assuming

Mine downloaded in 2 minutes.

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Hi, it’s still showing as greyed out and unavailable for me.

I purchased via Xsolla in the UK and I’ve now moved to Australia, in case that makes a difference.

Either way, it’s 6pm here on the 29th March - 7am UTC on 29th March.

Can you help?


EDIT - signed out of the launcher, closed it in background, reopened it and can now install BB4. Annoying, but sorted.

For those who went about complaining about EGS being Lucifer reincarnated, this was just such a MUCH BETTER launch than the previous BB3 in Xsolla.

You forget that it is still partly chinese launcher, it doesn’t matter how good it is. :wink:

That’s the advantage of a large number of servers distributed throughout the world.
Each individual is closer to his regional server, which increases the download speed and relieves the servers faster.
Epic needed a larger number of servers are due the game Fortnite, because he had players around the world and they played on the servers in their region.

In general, Xsolla does not need such data transfer capabilities for its own needs and clients. That’s why Xsolle servers were overloaded when a large numbers of backers download the game.

But, unfortunately, some do not understand this… :wink:

I assume by ‘some’ you mean @samshell in this case. But what about his post indicates he doesn’t understand the reasons behind it being much smoother. The fact remains that purely with regards to BB4 vs BB3, the Epic launcher was a much better user experience.

As the person who has to deal with all of the support emails from people who struggle to download the builds, I’ll second that. Only a fraction of the people had any issues with the Epic installation (and 95% of those solved with a simple client restart)

You know, I’m a backer for the sequel from a game released in the XX century. I was there when the Internet started to spread. Let me assure you there was no need to clarify the difference between Xsolla and Epic servers, I was already very much aware of that.

But following the game almost from the start, it was very clear XSolla had/has a really shit*y service, not just server/downloads related.

This was a jab directed to the people who are still claiming EGS to be eating babies for breakfast (or something like that, have no idea what kind of shrieking ideas they are still tinfoiling).