BB4 Feedback - Inventory

Some comments/feedback on the inventory system for BB4. - I’m coming at this from a pov of someone who’s not played the earlier builds more than once or twice so a lot of this is new to me.

I really wish that I could see my soldiers’ Stats on the equipment screen whilst I’m equipping gear for them. I can view Strength, Willpower and Speed on the Training tab, (btw I wish I didn’t have to tab back and forth to check it) but I’ve no indicator of; the accuracy with any given weapon, overall armour rating, speed, perception, or stealth rating. To that end I’m just min/maxing the gear that I’m equipping, but have no idea what anything is actually doing for me - for example +10% stealth boost sounds nice, but is my starting stealth 1, or is 100?

On the inventory screen I wish that the Stores area was a bit larger. There’s a lot of unused space on the right hand side of the screen, and it’s kinda annoying to have to scroll through my Stores window in order to view available gear. Couldn’t Stores be moved over there so that we could view more then 18 items at a time?

When applying the class filter, should grenades still appear as a non-class specific item (medkits do still appear), or are the meant to be specific to assault troops?

Could load outs be set as templates? It’d be a handy game speeding feature when developing new gear to be able to just go all soldiers of a particular type and upgrade them too it, or to have a couple of say heavy builds that you could switch between.


I vote for all of this. :slight_smile: