BB4 Feedback from a New Player

Just got the game and I can’t believe that they will make the September release date, so much is missing (well not available yet) or does not work properly.

The lack of multiple save points limiting us to one game at a time is frustrating.

Ironman Only mode for tactical combat is a pain.

Why are there no difficulty levels? Would really help to have an easy mode to learn the game without being so frustrated at the poor performance causing me to lose 5 people in 2 missions that I really want to ask for my money back.

I’ve played UFO and XCOM from day 1…and I’m not yet fully convinced by PP…but we’ll see,

Because Backers Builds are not feature complete. Their purpose was to show what systems will be in the game. They don’t represent current state of game development like many players (including me) were thinking. Of course September date seems little underestimated but we will see. They should show us some news in next few weeks and we will see how things are going.

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I don’t disagree with you but…
This game is advertised now as “Early Access” and I think it is misleading. Other than the combat mechanics (which seem to work fairly well) and hopping over the globe, nothing else functions so I pretty much disagree with the claim of “early access”.

Having downloaded it and played it a bit I now want to sit and wait for the full release because to invest any more time in this, at the moment, is a waste of my time.

Early release? It is more like paying Snapshot to be a beta tester.

It is looking good…grenades are beautifully vicious, the weapons animations and functions are good and the movement and skills systems are nicely set up.


Like every other “early access” (or even first-week purchase nowadays, with those 50GB first day patches)…

There might be some game which is done and just getting marketing with “early access/open beta/etc.”, but those are the exceptions rather than the rule.

If you buy into an early access and think it’ll be like a released game, I don’t know what to say.

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It should be then “Early Access to alpha build”.

it is also worth remembering that Backer Build 4 is from March. The internal builds have had 3 and a bit months of work done on them

I do agree with you. “Early Access” is a type of release, and should offer a polished, even though incomplete product - Klei does it really well, with clear distinctions between alpha and Early Access releases.

What PP offers is “backer beta” and is meant for those who really want to see, critique and controbute to game’s design progress. You are very much paying to be a beta tester. They renamed it for post-fig campaign sales, but I do think that the term they choose is misleading for most consumers.

Early Access will start on release date :grin:

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Early Access = You got a high bandwidth internet connection and can play the day it launches!
(Does epic offers pre load with PP?)
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I’m hoping and crossing my fingers for the 50MBit in 2 weeks. :smiley:

I am pretty sure pre-load is one of the many features missing on Epic.

Though, in my personal experience with steam I found straight up downloading games faster then having my PC unpack pre-downloaded games. Must be that my internet > my laptop

^^ This
The only use preload has is for people with slow connections. To try and prevent people from extracting the preloaded game and playing it early, it is encrypted. Even the most powerful machine still takes quite a while to decrypt and unpack this.