Massive FPS drop, unplayable

Anyone have a solution to the awful FPS drop in game that occurs? Mine is mainly during fights where I zoom in an aim for a limb… I run a PC with an I7 4.5GHz, RTX 2070 with Ray Tracing, 16GB RAM. It gets so bad even tried lowering settings but that made it worse oddly

Not sure what the issue is. I have a Phenom II 955 processor and an R490 (or 480) gt video card and 8 gigs of ram, and I get no fps issues. Maybe try updating or reverting video drivers.

I have the same issue, usually on synedrion maps. frames drop to nothing

@Methodically I found a solution inside my nvidia control settings. Change the preferred graphics power to high performance and the power management under same area to nvidia controlled. I’ve had no issues since luckily