A small request for Backer Build 4

Backer Build 3 is really starting to show the potential of a really exciting game. My only real problem is that I like the graphics but I can only get decent, basically playable framerates on potato. Now I have a pretty poor rig a 950m i7 6700 8gb, and I certainly don’t expect a game this early in development to even start working on optimisation, however I found a workaround, by changing the AA and anisotropic filter settings in the nvidia control panel I can play it on high with a slight reduction in graphical fidelity but nothing like potato, it still looks damn good: So my question is would the devs be able to put in some basic graphics settings in the next build such as those mentioned above and maybe shadows? Thanks

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It would be best to put some reduced options for those with less capable CPUs and graphic cards.
Game is gorgeous, but unoptimized so far, so “downgrade” would currently be most welcome.