Frame Rate Drop when playing the game

I’m having frame drops while playing this game on any setting (from lowest to highest) I have a feeling its not using my 2040 Geforce Video Card, but I don’t have any card that it would be accessing.

I’ve tried to change some settings on my end, but to no avail, I still have low frame drops for someone reason when running this game.

I really want to play this game, wanted to buy it on steam as well for all of the dlc, but at that framerate I can’t justify the buy right now so I’m looking to see if I can get it fixed ^^.

Did you set the games file on high performance in windows display settings? Windows likes to safe energy much more than performing well in games…

Doesn’t matter the setting, even on the lowest settings I’m still getting frame drops.

The poster is not talking about in-game settings but Windows 10 settings. If it’s a laptop, one really needs to have it plugged in and set to high performance.

Use Windows 10 Game Mode

Here’s a quick and easy way to optimize Windows 10 for gaming using a tool that’s built into the system. Game Mode appeared in the most recent releases of the OS and is designed to improve the gaming experience by dedicating more system resources to games. It also prevents other programs, such as Windows Update, from hogging system resources while you’re playing.

To locate the Game Mode settings, press Windows key + I , type “ game mode ” in the search box and click Control Game Mode for optimizing your PC for games .

In the menu that opens, click Game Mode . Switch to On to turn Game Mode on. If your PC supports Game Mode, the system will optimize your PC gaming performance.

Use a High-Performance Power Plan

This might be a good solution if you’re using a desktop PC rather than a laptop, because power plans were designed to better manage battery use on portable devices. Having no such limitations on a desktop PC, it is worthwhile opting for a high-performance power plan that keeps the CPU frequency high and makes your PC perform better while consuming more energy and increasing the temperature level.

To change your power plan, click Windows key + I , type “ power ” in the search box, choose Power & sleep settings and then Additional power settings . If you don’t see a high-performance power plan on the left side of the screen, click Create a power plan and choose High performance .

source: How to Optimize Windows 10 for Gaming in 10 Easy Steps | 2021 Guide

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The laptop is plugged in, but I will try the windows game mode.

High-Performance is also important. Even if plugged in, if not set, Windows will still dumb down performance.

Hope you can get things to work better.

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My 2 year old cheap gaming laptop runs great on low settings since I did this stuff.

I have High Performance Settings On

Game Mode is on

I have it on ultimate power plan, which is a high power settings.

Not sure why I’m still getting low FPS

Just checking… Do you have an onboard video, or just the Nvidia?

Just Nvidia @mcarver2000 !

I’ve also made some progress!

When I run this in windowed mean and I mean when I run it like half screen windowed mode? It runs fine, so maybe its a resolution issue?

Set the nv-control panel power management to maximum performance mode as well, it might help maybe (but keep on eye of gpu temp). Sometime in my case the nv-gforce experience affect a bit of frame rate, so turning them off its a bit help.

I am having the same problem. nvidia 1070. Before the last patch the fps was fine. now it is going up and down like crazy.latest drivers-game mode on etc.
I believe it is the patch

SG has not done a decent job optimizing the Unity Engine. This could be part of the problem.

Hmm, have you moded the game, specifically used the Console mod ? Cause it causes a lot of lag.

nope i haven’t

I havean’t modded it either.

I’m Bumping this topic because I’m still having this issue. I really don’t know what to do. I’ve tried the above but it didn’t work. The new dlc look sweet but this lag for me is something I want to help get fixed.