Possible queen spawn timer or location changes

After playing 10 or so random games I had the queen spawn right next to my troops after 1-2 moves and one shotted at least 2-3 of my members. This happen 7 out of 10 games… lol Perhaps some sort of timer or location spawn changes as to not appear on top of the troops and nuke you instantly…

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The Queen spawns after a fixed number of turns (5 I believe). She either spawns at the map entrance, or at the far end, depending on the map.

Makes the game incredibly harder when the queen spawns next to you each time. Not that it doesn’t make it less interesting… but no time to kill anything before she spawns… Seems like its forcing you to spend your first few moves just to move away from starting locations

She spawns in 10th turn. Quite a lot of time to run away from entrance. Just remember to stay away from entrance with a road leading to it.


Would be nice to give the player some clue about the proximity of the Queen. Like a heavy stomp who gets louder each turn. It could even be like FiraXCOM, where you can see from where the noise comes.

Seriously, I’m not a master tactician, but I managed to kill everything on map before she showed up, and then kill her bodyguards and her without any problems or losing any squad members. This is not XCOM where you could turtle up and lure enemies one by one. It’s your own fault that you try this so many times. After one time you should learn to get your squad out of the starting area. This game promotes agressivenes, not being in defensive all the time. And the 5-10 turns it takes queen to show up you can do a lot of killing and still have time to take defensive positions. As a veteran of most X-COM style games I can say that Phoenix Point, at this stage is a piece of cake. If you’re losing, that means you’re bad at playing, not the game is bad.

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This is the kind of attitude that is not healthy for any game. Your fun is not everyone else’s fun. Outflaming standing for you that you think it is way too easy. I appreciate your OPINION, maybe let someone else have one as well and not be jerk about it??? Good luck to you and yours.


I think that difficulty levels will do the right job. So everyone will be happy. Counter for queen arrival would be interesting but maybe as some advanced tech acquired some mid-game. But until that moment let her surprise us. :wink:

And where exactly am I being a jerk ? I stated MY OWN opinion about the topic. Nowhere did I attack anyone or stated that I am the alfa and omega. And despite what you may think, stating some tactical advices isn’t being a jerk.

I really miss the good old times when one could write something on a forum and not be taken for an asshole just for having a different opinion.

Completely agreed, at least in this demo version.

Please make that counter be 10 turns and down, or if in horror style, the sounds of queen becoming closer and stronger as time passes, until arrival. Same could be done to high mid level enemies (smaller bosses, muton style enemies) when avail.

Location should not be next to squad, knowing soldiers cant run that fast :blush: