Killing the queen without the armadillo?

Is it possible? I know, as it stands, the armadillo is way above any other option to killing the crab queen, anyone managed it without the vehicle?

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Its a special mission, yes, people did it. Just

  • Gather ammo from crates and have even multiple grandes and clips on soldiers if you go this path
  • Use all your explosives AND ROCKETS to pierce armor first. Weapons arent missing or doing 0 damage because of RND, but because queen is too armored. It would be beneficial if some granades and rockets would hit crabs and queen, but focus on queen spread damage so a lot of limbs get Armour down.
  • SNIPER ignores Armour. Give him clean shots and even high ground at spot you wish to destroy. Shooting round should be Bombs/Rockets, Then Sniper, then rest of gang to maximize damage done. Optionally, you can keep sniper last for bug kills but then focus all the rest. Rotate snipers weapon to pistol before end of turn and dont waste sniper ammo before queen jumps in - if he has to shoot, use pistol.
  • Place turret immediately - it will distract bugs and queen and give nice return fire. Place it smart, in good shooting line, but distant to queen for at least 2 or 3 her turns. Let them destroy it, its spendable, you will just loose some will, but far better then soldier and a will.
  • Dont waste time, try to shoot crabs only when they are too close, keep 90% fire on Queen
  • Keep shooting at one spot with sniper and everything else, even when its destroyed (people usually pick head or legs)
  • Don t forget to keep the distance or use the current bug to just place Armadillo to block some narrow path and she will try to go around, exposing different parts.
  • Use soldier frontline rotation and healing using nearby covers
  • Abuse technician to heal badly wounded frontlines and shoot at Crabs.
  • If you destroy armor at legs, its quite easy to shot legs slowing her down. Destroying all legs brings her to standstill, then you do the bugs, then you …take her slowly.
  • If you destroy her head she will panic for 1 turn (nice rest reward!)
  • Sometimes she defends head with pincers, they are tough to do, but without them she almost has no attack and head is clean shot
  • If she turns or exposes torso or back, shoot it to grind HP
  • You can use miniguner and even technician on areas where you strip armor. Every shoot contributes. Before you do armor mini gunner can “keep the bugs out”
  • Keep shooting … >:)

everything rasvoja said, plus this bit: The minigun also removes armor, so the big guy should be the first to act on every turn fighting the queen even when you’re out of rockets

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The Heavy’s LMG has a 15% chance per round to shred armour.

The Sniper’s ability bypasses 1 armour. A body part with 5 armour would only reduce the damage by 4.


I found that the most useful strategy is to open up with both missiles and all the grenades you managed to save and then proceed to cripple 2-3 legs. Usually you can manage to pull this off in about 3-4 turns, leaving queen shambling slowly towards your team. With some luck, you can then kite it around the map, with the builk of your team while sniper is picking off weak spots form afar.

Unfortunately, I usually lose at least one soldier before the queen is crippled enough to be unable to catch my soldiers but otherwise the strategy seem to work reliably enough. Note that I don’t hoard the crates and simply try to limit the usage of heavy weapons and explosives while dealing with crabmen which seems to be enough if you play smart.

Another option is to go for claws and try to make queen harmless that way but it rarely work for me, probably due to heavier armour the claws have.

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One thing I forgot to mention: I usually rely heavily on bleedout when fighting the queen. Witht several limbs gone, bleedout can provide up to 4-5 hp worth of damage per turn. With AP ammo being limited to sniper only, I often end up with no way of dealing more damage to the queen after a while, despite still having ammo for some of my weapons. In this case having queen’s legs crippled is even more important as all you need to do is keep kiting it until it dies. I expect such tactic to make queen retreat in the full game BTW.

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Yup, more she bleeds per turn, less you have to shoot. That is why its of most importance to shoot ANY limb that cause bleeding (almost all) OR IF POSSIBLE LIBMS THAT HAVE BLEED MORE THAN ONE depending what she exposes, and is least armored and most damaged at given point of time. That remains the same, vehicle or no vehicle.

I actually had a game this morning where I found a second machinegun, and was able to grind away her abdomen armor completely. With an unmissably huge target rendered defenseless, every volley of fire does ~20 damage.


Some of guys used two snipers, dozen of granades, so watch out for those crates :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestions, guys, I’ll try them out!

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or just use Armadillo

Let us know how did it go, and have you developed some tactics of your own >:-) (being mixture of these suggestions)

whoops, my mistake there :smiley: Not Armadillo (which of course can turn queen into dust quite quickly). Use Technician. :slight_smile: His stun attack makes queen defenseless. :slight_smile: Of course this is a bug, that he can kill queen so easily, but hey, this is how it works right now. :wink:

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