I just won the first Scenario by the weirdest means

I just won the first Scenario by the weirdest means.

All my solders were dead except one that was stuck in the dip, she was stuck (bugged) would not move, no ammo left just one grenade.

All the other aliens were dead except for the queen, who after killing my last non bugged soldier, walked to the edge of the dip, where it cannot go, my bugged solder could however, throw the grenade, this cause a 1 point per turn bleed in the queen, so to win all I had to do was to keep ending the bugged soldiers turn.

Following up on this. In the first scenario, if all of your team moves inside the fort and to the bottom left corner relatively quickly, the queen will spawn outside, and immediately move towards your team at the bottom left corner OUTSIDE the FORT. At which point, you can stand on the wall and grenade, machine gune, snipe, and rocket her to pieces, while she just stands there and takes it.

The enemies at the far side of the map on the roof tops over the hanger both have a VERY low chance of hitting you (same for you, in reverse) and can’t damage your machine gunner or your sniper. So they just stand around, confused.

AI pathing is going to have to take that into account on future builds, and either take another path/approach, or at least move out of our range, so we are forced to come to her instead.