Battlefield Debris, Weapons, Scavenging

Ok, so I go on a mission. Meet lots of interesting Pandorans and kill them. Many have weapons and ammo. But my guys are too busy to pick them up before they leave? Too tired? Perhaps there’s not enough room on the plane?

  1. Make it possible to research & use weapons and ammo brought in by recruited soldiers
  2. Have all undamaged weapons & ammo returned from the battlefield or at least give the soldiers the opportunity to pick them up.
  3. Make it possible to buy ammo for weapons used by recruits
  4. Have weapons locked to recruit until they’re researched to allow others to use them
  5. Have unresearched weapons retrieved from the battlefield unusable until they’re researched.

One of the things I liked about the original XCOM games was the ability to scavenge resources from the battlefield as they went along or even pick stuff up from corpses and use it in battle.

Even if weapons are unusable by PP you should be able to pick them up with a view to researching how they work, scraping for resource, and/or trading with different faction. That implanted grenade launcher might not be something that your own troops fancy, but I bet Anu would give you an arm and a leg for one… well an arm anyway. :wink:

Even if you could just stick them on a trophy wall, it’d add some interest.

Probably, humanity is not so crushed for salvaging scavenge sites. Ooops. Or for fighting with themselves instead of aliens? Ooops. Consume them, Pandora! They don’t deserve a chance to survive :crazy_face:

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I do like to think sometimes that if alien life has discovered humanity that they’ve probably decided that we’re best left well alone. Probably if/when we get to the edges of our solar system, we’ll discover some yellow and black intergalactic tape with the words ‘do not cross’ printed on it in several thousand different languages.

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We’re out on a spiral arm. All the real action is going on closer to the galactic centre. Where, if they do think we’re best left alone, it’s probably just because we’ve not matured enough to be worth harvesting…

Nope? Why even such idea?

Yeah, only a few hundred million stars, we’re proper in the sticks, it’s like a galactic equivalent of living in Scunthorpe. :wink:

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In other news, the Galactic Government has named Earth as planet of
culture 20300 galactic time, as part of the GG’s Spiral Arm Powerhouse
aiming to improve transport and infrastructure throughout the spiral arms.

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I wanted to create a new thread, but this is exactly what I was searching for.
My soldiers are comming from won battles with a pile of ammunition… but never with any weapon or armor.
We collect food, we collect dead (or paralyzed) bodies, but we cannot collect weapons? Or other non-ammunition stuff? Can we please have that option also included in the game, because it’s kind of silly it’s not there :slight_smile: