Soldier Rescue Can’t Research Weapons

Danforth Patch Rookie Setting
Rescued 3 soldiers who came with new equipment, can’t reload them as I can’t research their weapons. Deliberate or Bug?

Deliberate. Same as if you recruited soldiers with faction weapons that you haven’t researched yet.


if those are independent weapons or armors (Yat AR, Uragan MG, Vyara SR, Praetorian Armor, Guardian Armor, Swamp Cat Armor), then you can’t research them yet. Maybe next updates will change something in this matter.

That’s the point the weapons and equipment don’t appear in research so how can you research them as they have no faction? Reply to earlier post!

It’s things like this that keep putting me off playing the game. Why introduce things that should be researchable and are not. It breaks the believability of the world when you can’t do some things which you are already doing.

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it is little disadvantage compared to the possibilities whole game is giving.

We didn’t want to have free troops be a way to farm weapons and armour.

This is why only Haven recruits come with weapons and armour (depending on difficulty) but have an associated material cost to hire, and troops recruited at base only cost food, but come with no equipment.

What we didn’t want to do, was have soldiers in Scavenging missions have no weapons or armour (so no way to fight in the mission). So the independent scavenger weapons they start with are designed to just be temporary “better than nothing” junk until you give them something better.

It’s worth noting that all of the scavenger weapons and armour are worse than PP gear - so being able to produce them would be a downgrade.


I can understand the game balance reasons you give, but the immersion believability of the world created is broken if you can’t to reasonable things that are already embedded in the structure of the game. Perhaps I’m weird but I play the game to be immersed into it’s world, not to look at every plus or minus of every equipment stat. For me (apart from balance) this is one of the central problems of the game. You have created a great mythos and background for the game giving us players an immersive (semi😉) believable world that is let by arbitrary rules rather than a fixed set of world building ruled that are applied to everything.


The way I rationalize it is that it is old world technology that is just scattered around from the war which is not manufactured any more by anyone and that’s why you can only get it from scavenging.

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To a degree I do agree with you, but not being able to make ammo or magazines in the workshop is ridiculous as they can make any other type by researching it, ie measure the magazine size tell the workshop the stats and churn them out same for ammo.

I understand your point, and I wouldn’t mind if we could just make the ammo for these guns.

However, another thing to consider is the confusion this might generate for the players, especially those new to the game. Right now it is clear that these weapons are better than nothing, but worse than everything else, and the game clearly signals that you have to use something else. Allow manufacturing ammo for them and some players might be confused: what is the point of using these guns, if they are worse than everything else? Also, some players don’t even look that much at the weapon stats and play ‘by feel’, so they might not even understand that these are the worst weapons out there…

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Uragan MG is not so bad after all. :slight_smile:

I think this comes down in the end to game balance vs world realism balance. Perhaps remove their weapons from the armoury when they’ve joined you to represent them joining PP and getting equipped with PP’s better weapons? Stops the confusion of not being able to research them?..and thank you for all the replies!:+1:

I would still like to scrap that outdated equipment. :wink:


In my current first and only play through I’ve rescued a New Jericho Tech and a Disciples of Anu Berserker, but I’ve managed to reverse-engineering the Tech PDW and the Berserker Marduk Fist just fine, even though I haven’t tried reverse-engineering their corresponding armor yet because I needed to send them on missions