Something I Hope Isn't Critical in the Game

Scavenging for ammunition and weapons.

I really hope as the campaign progresses you accrue enough of an inventory of weapons, ammunition, and other gear that scrambling for loot in the middle of a fight becomes a secondary thing. It’s not a lot of fun running back and forth between crates trying to get everyone geared up. I hope we’re able to outfit our soldiers with extra ammo and gear that we don’t NEED to go get the loot boxes.

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You’re already able to equip your soldiers with extra ammo and equipment before a mission. You will be able to manufacture it too (you already can make ammo for any weapon you have).

When you complete a scavenging site, all of the crate contents on the map is recovered and sent to your base.


We have a ubiquitous resource already that can be spent crafting additional ammunition for weapons.

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Not needing to get the loot boxes is nice, but not auto looting guns dropped on the ground is a pain.
I can’t imagine why soldiers would leave weapons on the ground like that.
During scavenging sites, haven defenses and nest/lair etc. you should pick up everything automatically imo.
Maybe limited by the room your soldiers have but still.
Ambushes could be the exception if you only survive 5 turns and win, but still if you kill all enemies there’s no reason to pick up the weapons they dropped.

I hope the devs are looking into this