Backers Build 5 - bugs so far by Yokes

  • most important - I had crash while alt+tabing out and back to the game - it was during night mission. When I get back to game everything was black, except UI and after like 10 second game crashed disabling my video card driver.

  • For some reason I can’t see and load geoscape saves. Saves from missions are working fine. Autosave from geoscape is also working.

  • on all screens (manufacturing, inventory, store etc) Golem-B body armor is named as Anvil-2 body armor.

  • In combat while aiming at enemy body parts displayed text tells about max hit points removed in old values like -1, -2 instead of -10, -20. The same displayed text don’t fit with removed ability names, and sometime they end off screen (for example Triton torso abilities)

  • Triton upper arms doesn’t have any info about special abilities, they don’t have them right now? Or label is missing?

  • while trading items between soldiers encumbrance of that second soldier looks like miscalculated (those were 2 assaults from tutorial - so with the same equipment) one had 14 weight and the other 8 (so looks like for the second soldier his armor is not calculated).


That’s definitely a plus to know before diving into BB5. Good work ,Yokes

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If you don’t use the report function in the game you should provide additional Information of your hardware: Graphics Card and Driver Version so we can see if it is based on some hardware or drivers version only.

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at the period of time saving functionality stops to work. I can’t get autosave, manual save (saving ‘progress’ is extremely fast, but the new save is not visible inside ‘load’ section). Happened in the nest, now I completed the mission and can’t save in geospace. I don’t see any new ‘autosave’ neither

Same problem here, save function don’t work in geoscape

Another miss labeled item

Not sure what your talking about @Redace I wear Leg helmets all the time!! :rofl:

The finest in fashion!!

Game have sent report to SG. Posted here just for keeping track. :wink:

reaper (Anu shotgun) for PP soldiers is automatically reload after mission ends, for Anu recruit I went on the next mission with empty chamber. Don’t know why there is a difference

I have actually problem loading from mission, for me the mission restarts.

No spare ammo maybe???

Yokes, I’d like to add one more observation I made to add to the list. I’m a save scummer, and at one point in the tactical game I was confronted with a wall of crab men who had all planted their shields. Wishing I’d made a different tactical choice, I reloaded, and all the crab men were there in the same position, but their shields were not planted, making them easy pickings for my assaults and snipers.

And I have found three English localization issues:

Base Interface: Aircraft, not “aircrafts.” I know, it’s stupid, but it’s one aircraft, two aircraft. Yay English!

This Wretched Earth (synedrion text splash): Appear, not “apper.”

In Game Tip: “When moved against a low wall or obstacle,” not “obstaclet.”

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