Backer Build 5 bugs/typos found by Setokaiva

This is my attempt at making an ongoing list of issues I’ve noticed in BB5, both bugs and typos. It’s not many right now, but I’m still playing the game and trying different things.

For typos, I will usually include the fix in parentheses next to the typo.

WARNING – this may contain spoilers for the game, because I will be listing typos from messages attached to events and research projects at some points. I will use my discretion in avoiding really big spoilers.


element issue reproduced?
save games games sometimes fail to save, thus creating no save file, despite repeated attempts yes
ability Triton alien’s “Silent Echo” ability does not silence weapons like it’s supposed to; on a scavenging mission, I heard their pistol shots in the fog of war as they fired on crates, which gave away their exact position yes
voice/bark soldiers killing Mindfragger controlling friendly soldier use “missed/shot wide” voice clip, despite scoring a kill, as though the soldier was their actual target yes
battle synedrion sniper-class unit on alien colony mission had her standard synedrion equipment overridden and replaced with PX assault-class gear – gear that I did not even have spares of in storage. After battle, I found that all the gear that sniper once had had been erased, replaced by a carbon copy of one of my assaults’ loadout yes
personnel equipment UI dragging an item from stores, then to the “manufacture” pop-up button, and pressing ESC to cancel out of the manufacturing tab causes that item to completely vanish from stores yes
battle hidden enemy moving next to wall (on scavenging mission) created light particle element on that wall, following it as it moved and giving away its exact position after it had stopped yes
battle alien egg-hatching sentinel in nests has electric special effect while “preparing” – this effect is visible even when the unit was never seen, giving away its position in the fog of war yes
battle alien egg-hatching sentinel sometimes starts preparing, then stops preparing on the next turn and doesn’t use “mass hatch” – special effects and animation also stop, but the deep “roaring” and stretching sounds keep going yes
ability rapid clearance gives unlimited bonus actions for kills, rather than a limited of 4 AP yes
save & load loading autosave from just before launching nest destruction mission auto-resolved that mission in my favor, giving me all items (including my own gear) as loot yes
after-battle report ‘replenishment soldiers/equipment’ screen after battle used name of soldier who was at base, not even in the battle (this happened alongside the save/load bug just above this one) yes
battle dash movement (with assault) onto space adjacent to crate does not open crate if no soldier could see that crate’s ‘open tiles’ no
action economy if Mindfragger that controls a soldier is killed by overwatch on that same alien turn, that soldier retains all action points on their turn as though they were never controlled no
status effect stun effect (caused by Hel-II cannon shot) on hostile human enemy not reflected in their “info” panel no
battle resource crate on high ground that is destroyed remains suspended in midair no
battle vantage point (glowing blue area) on Anu slums map did not activate when soldier climbed inside the edge of it via ladder, even when they then took a step within it no
battle battle sometimes does not end if last active enemy was paralyzed rather than killed (this happened with 1 mindfragger already paralyzed and an arthron newly paralyzed) no
battle if move is force-stopped (i.e. revealed enemy in the way) adjacent to an openable crate, that crate does not open, despite soldier stopping on an ‘open’ tile no
after battle (ambush) after ambush in which I paralyzed and acquired a live Triton, but no other items, after-battle report did not display the Triton in list of acquisitions (but I still got it for research) no
geoscape event on second time meeting the 25 favor threshold for “diplomatic mission” with Disciples of Anu, it displayed the same mission prompt and text, and generated a new mission on a different site while removing the existing mission no
haven window recruit available at New Jericho haven, but not shown on window, while Elite Training facility still building; I assume the recruit is a Technician but is not available until the facility is done no


element description typo
geoscape event meeting Synedrion, after mission killing thieves “…and I know we can apper (appear) that way”
geoscape event message after researching Oneiric Delirium Index “Large parts of the recording contain unintelligible rantings, buy (but) one clear segment”
research Disciples of Anu research project description “Said to have been a series of cultists sects (cultist)” & “Not much is known about their religion other that (other than that)”
research mist sentinel autopsy description “…it is capable of emitting an (a) viral airborne mist when harmed.”
research mist sentinel report “…but that they are strategic (are a strategic) attempt”
research hatching sentinel report “It produces egg like (egg-like) structures”
battle UI recover ability description recover shows AP cost as 100, rather than 4 – and also, recover restores half of a soldier’s WP rounded down, not 3, but the tooltip still says 3
loading screen tip “Phoenix Project reminds you” tips “If a soldier does not the (not have the) right class to use a weapon proficiently”
battle, unit info fireworm egg fireworm egg info often says “give birth to a poison/acidworm” even though it’s a fireworm egg
manufacturing banshee sniper helmet when manufacturing the banshee helmet, game displayed “HEAD has been manufactured” message – referencing the armor slot, not the armor itself
geoscape event message after Synedrion diplomatic mission, repellers branch “Dimplomatic (Diplomatic) relations with Synedrion have changed.”
ability/perk description expert rifles/handguns perk “Additional +20% damage when using Rifles and Handguns” perk works for shotguns, too, but does not say this

Another typo

Aircrafts at base - It should be ‘Aircraft’ (This is on the base screen)

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Another typo on a loading screen

It reads something like ‘don’t shoot your friends, you will need them in batlle’ as opposed to battle.

Loading screen again…

When moving next to a low wall of obstacle your soldier will crouch, partially protecting ‘the’ body from attack.

Should possibly be ‘their’ rather than ‘the’

On the end-of-mission screen, XPs should just be XP. I realize it’s supposed to be used for ‘eXperience Points’, but it looks so strange having that s hanging off the end. If anything, change it to EXP instead.

There’s a loading screen message about diplomacy that says ‘factions’ when instead it should say ‘faction’s’. Something about doing the faction’s missions I think.

There is a pair of pants labeled “Berserker Leg Helmet” that I got as a mission reward. I laughed way too long and hard at that one :slight_smile:

Now that we seem to have a good thread on this, I’ll start actively tracking all the ones I find and post them here.

Another loading screen typo:

If your solider does not the right class to use a weapon proficiently…

Misses the word ‘have’.