Backers Build 3 bugs spotted by Yokes


Just was about to make the same thread as Yokes, I can confirm that all the bugs he posted was something I experienced today. Especially the Turret not returning, increase in weight on heavies/techies when messing around with their equipment. Yokes have a very nice and detailed list and many if not all is something I have experienced. Keep up the great work both the developers and Yokes. :smiley: Lets find those pesky bugs and squash them so we can sooner get a compleated game.

Cant wait for this game to get on Steam Early Access so we can get more bug squashers, Early access is brilliant, getting people to pay for being beta/bug testers brilliant move by whom ever tought it up.

Loving the oh so buggy 3rd backers release, will continue to look for bugs.



It took some time to catch them and make that list. And there are some additional which I haven’t put on the list. But I think that devs are aware of them. :wink: It would be great if we could see them all fixed on next patch/update. We will see what new will pop up in BB4.



So I get used to my new reality (having first baby in my home) and get back to BB3. After playing and testing some few things (and reading forum) i have made some additional list. This is probably last part before next BB in the following month.

no. sort type element issue fixed?
141 ? bug BB3 mission props you can leave something in crate without spending TU, is it considered as dropping into crate? not fixed
142 ? bug BB3 enemy properties you can stun enemy by hitting his equipment with stun rod (maybe this can be true if it is fully organic) not fixed
143 ? bug BB3 props properties after pressing Alt key, destroyed mindfragger eggs have a label showing it as Assault Rifle on the ground not fixed
144 ? bug BB3 geoscape if you destroy alien base while it is currently attacking any haven, that haven mission probably should disappear but it is not (but when we go there to do the mission then it vanishes) not fixed
145 ? bug BB3 Armadillo properties Armadillo doesn’t prevent mist from affecting soldiers inside - should it be this way? not fixed
146 ? bug BB3 Armadillo properties Armadillo is still active unit and can be used, when all soldiers inside of it panicked not fixed
147 ? bug BB3 Stun Rod ability Stun Rod’s Strike ability is inactive after any other action except move not fixed
148 ? bug BB3 mission UI sometimes game doesn’t spot that we have unclicked mouse button and acts like it was still pressed - this leads to immidiate execution of actions based on mouse aiming (firing explosives, moving screen until next click) not fixed
149 ? bug BB3 Medkit reload ability reloading medkit hangs the UI not fixed
150 ? bug BB3 Shotgun properties really long death animation after shooting Mindfragger eggs with Shotgun not fixed
151 ? bug BB3 soldier / enemy properties all equipment held in arms (ours or crabmen’s) takes more damage from explosives than it should, grenades from Grenade Launcher for example make 7 damage to enemy’s Machine Gun or Grenade Launcher, where maximum of our GL is 6… so what is happening? Also our weapons get more damage from enemy grenades like 5 damage where I think there should be maximum of 4 not fixed
152 ? bug BB3 soldier / enemy movement when soldiers or aliens panic they move, and they can move into the same spot ignoring occupied space, then in next turn none of them can move or act. not fixed
153 ? bug BB3 enemy properties enemies bleeding to death don’t grant willpower boost for soldier which caused that bleeding not fixed
154 ? bug BB3 mission loot if you leave anything in crate during scavenge mission (only items oryginally being in that crate) you will find 2 copies of that item in base inventory after the mission not fixed
155 ? bug BB3 roster inventory items brought from missions (scavenge only?) outside of soldiers inventories (auto collected after mission victory) create duplicates while moved to soldiers inventory in roster screen - you will probably need to exit roster and go back to it to see another copy of item not fixed
156 ? bug BB3 roster inventory newest items don’t go to the bottom of base inventory not fixed
157 ? bug BB3 roster inventory saving and loading game don’t recreate base inventory with exactly same items - try to equip some guy, quick save, then quick load and you will see those equipped items in base inventory not fixed
158 ? bug BB3 soldier inventory some players say they have an issue with reloading - their weapons have reloaded only 1 bullet instead of full magazine (most likely to happen with Assault Rifle), and none of the magazines from inventory were used not fixed
159 ? bug BB3 aiming UI when you put your soldier in a tile next to enemy and you manually aim at some part, then you can miss, looks like all the bullets started their dispersion from behind, not from before the enemy (where your soldier is standing) not fixed