Backers Build 3 bugs spotted by Yokes


Just was about to make the same thread as Yokes, I can confirm that all the bugs he posted was something I experienced today. Especially the Turret not returning, increase in weight on heavies/techies when messing around with their equipment. Yokes have a very nice and detailed list and many if not all is something I have experienced. Keep up the great work both the developers and Yokes. :smiley: Lets find those pesky bugs and squash them so we can sooner get a compleated game.

Cant wait for this game to get on Steam Early Access so we can get more bug squashers, Early access is brilliant, getting people to pay for being beta/bug testers brilliant move by whom ever tought it up.

Loving the oh so buggy 3rd backers release, will continue to look for bugs.


It took some time to catch them and make that list. And there are some additional which I haven’t put on the list. But I think that devs are aware of them. :wink: It would be great if we could see them all fixed on next patch/update. We will see what new will pop up in BB4.