Backer Build 4 bugs/typos found by Setokaiva

This is my attempt at making an ongoing list of issues I’ve noticed in BB4, both bugs and typos. It’s not many right now, but I’m still playing the game and trying different things. Note that most of these are current only since before the patch that released on April 4th/5th, 2019.


element issue reproduced?
ability technician “retrieve turret” ability locks remaining AP, similar to BB3 bug involving grenade launchers yes
training UI selecting “second class” ability to cross-train technician displays no classes to train into (this only happened with 1 out of the 2 techs in my squad; 1 cross-classed into assault just fine, other is bugged) yes
battle stunned enemies can still return fire yes
ability jumpjet jump does not change soldier’s perception range to new position until they move again yes
geoscape after completing tactical mission and returning to geoscape, two separate geoscape music tracks run at the same time yes
unit/item deployed turrets are not automatically recovered from a successful mission yes
inventory UI attempting to re-organize position of “ready” items to change their binding hotkeys (1, 2, 3, etc.) fails; new configuration immediately reset by what inventory was when mission started (this happened with technician) yes
battle after technician healed sniper & an assault during alien lair raid, trying to change “ready” weapons for them triggers the green healing graphic around them, every time, turn after turn – graphic also appears if they climb a ladder yes
geoscape alien attack that destroys phoenix base with radar displays message as though hostile haven leader destroyed the radar no
battle killing crabman standing on map edge of anu slums haven defense caused his model to fall backward over the border, and no-clip through the ground like it wasn’t there no
ability alien egg-hatching sentinel in nests has electric special effect while “preparing” – this effect is visible even when the unit was never seen, giving away its position in the fog of war no
ability “rally the troops” locks out remaining AP, preventing further actions, despite the ability only costing 50% AP no
geoscape when haven event and new recruit generate on same haven at same time, the event takes precedence; new recruit window (showing type & cost) does not display no
ability using jet jump + exertion as first moves of turn does not meet 75% AP threshold for actions requiring it; it seems to be stuck at 74.9%, missing it by a thin sliver of the bar no
battle alien nest map, cover/props – soldier who moves into space occupied by coral-covered rock prop that doesn’t block movement or weapons fire (the one soldiers mantle into like going over a fence) cannot “Bash” melee adjacent enemies no
battle if last move of alien turn was a Crabman deploying shield, and a Turret could shoot that enemy, the turret can fire immediately (they fire at end of alien turn) before the enemy even finishes his animation to set the shield in place, thus preventing him taking advantage of it against that shot no


element description typo fix
geoscape event in exploration site event where “chaos reborn” disk is found by squad: “…this bring me back to simpler times” change “bring” to “brings”
geoscape event in haven event where people are sick: “Provide medical assistance to (haven name)” – missing period on end add period
geoscape event in NJ haven event where they’re looking for Daniel Stoller: “Offer assistance in hunting down Daniel Stoller” – missing period on end add period
geoscape destroyed phoenix project base mouse-over text displays name of base as normal as if it were never destroyed; also displays # of soldiers that were there change to properly show destroyed status and no soldiers stationed
geoscape phoenix project base mouse-over text displays number of soldiers, but not ground vehicles; also counts ground vehicles as soldiers create separate category for vehicles
battle UI grenade/missile launcher fire button “launch grenade” and “launch missile” buttons do not display “F” hotkey to fire the weapon, despite it working like for any other gun change to show “F” as viable hotkey for grenade & missile launchers
battle UI reload button “R” hotkey uses reload ability, but this is not shown on the button/icon show “R” as viable hotkey
ability description jet jump description of jet jump says that it “consumes all action points”, which is not true – it consumes only 75% AP, and allows further actions eliminate misleading statement “consumes all action points”
training UI technician repair acquire ability text states that technician repair restores “(generalHPamount)” or something to that effect, rather than stating that it heals 8 show “8” as HP healed to mechanicals in acquire ability text

There is such mission? :slight_smile: Damn I need to play more.

Yeah, I got that one as well. Pretty funny reference :slight_smile:

Btw nice list over there @Setokaiva.

My few additions.

type element issue fixed?
bug BB4 explosives explosive weapons damage calculation is broken and do excesive damage to equipment held in arms (our and enemy) not fixed
bug BB4 soldier movement soldiers don’t stop moving when they spot enemies not fixed
bug BB4 body slam mechanic heavy can move through the goo using Body Slam skill not fixed
bug BB4 turret turret has ammo replenished after another deployment during same battle not fixed
bug BB4 mech arms mech arms only use charges for electric strike despite description of heal and restore abilities saying something different not fixed
bug BB4 flamethrower heavy can’t fire with flamethrower while standing in goo not fixed
bug BB4 crabmen model strange crabmen machine gun arm made from rubber after being hit not fixed
bug BB4 queen vs mission saves become corrupted after one queen death, you can’t enter another missions with the queen (even if you restarted last save before killing that queen - or maybe this is the case that you should not load that save?) fixed in BB 4.1
bug BB4 mission / movement UI movement range UI is messed when you don’t have any item in hands, or you had only one 2-handed weapon and one of your arms were disabled. not fixed
bug BB4 mission UI Weapon property icons like armor piercing, return fire, 15% armor shred chance are gone, unless those properties are taken away from weapons (armor piercing looks like turned off) not fixed
bug BB4 mission UI UI shows two times notification about Willpower changes i.e. when you open crate, when you reach objective while it only changes once not fixed
bug BB4 mission UI false inficator of willpower drop after being hit, willpower doesn’t drop at all if body part is hit, only when it is disabled (except excessive willpower - but also is it intentional?) not fixed
bug BB4 mission environment durability (unless it is intentional) heavy cannon can shoot through alien base and phoenix project base walls not fixed
bug BB4 mounted weapons rocket launcher and mech arms even if destroyed during mission, are still available after the mission not fixed
bug BB4 armor destruction armors after disabling body parts are still on soldier after the mission, shouldn’t they be destroyed like weapons? Or maybe the other way, weapons should not be permanently destroyed and we should be able to repair them at base? not fixed
bug BB4 armor destruction after death of a soldier only his weapons come back to base, what happens to armor? i think it also should come back if wasn’t ‘disabled’ not fixed
bug BB4 base inventory encumbrance is miscalculated after leveling technician, it returns to normal when all items are taken off fixed in BB 4.1
bug BB4 base inventory magazines held in ready items disappear after mission (they are not on the soldier and don’t go to base stores) not fixed
bug BB4 Gunslinger UI gunslinger should mention handguns not all proficient weapons not fixed
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Ah, thanks for the finds, yokes! Your last post similar to this for backer build 3 inspired me to do my own.

encumbrance is miscalculated after leveling tecnician, it returns to normal when all items are taken off

Yeah. It usually seems to miscalculate by 3. But you can also just go into his Skills page and back out to Inventory. That’s fixed it for me every time.

Regarding this “bug” I’ve seen this happen when a soldier gets excess willpower via either opening crates or when a team member captures those strategic wp boost areas… it’s possible that this could be intended. Unless you’ve seen it at a regular amount of will points??

I’m not sure right now. But nevertheless WP didn’t drop even if it was exceeding standard level.

Has anyone noticed any items disappearing from inventory, I didn’t see this in the listed bugs and I believe it’s happened to me. For me it was my Golem torso & legs armor (though the helmet remained) dissapeared. Not a trace.

I originally intended to use the golem suite on a shotgun assault after duel classing into heavy tree and early on in my game I removed the golem suite from my 1st heavy and put him in the new jericho suite, As it is more armored. Then I’d use the golem on my assault as it has less of a speed penalty while still being decently tanky. It’s possible I accidentally recycled them, but unlikely as I don’t remember my materials getting a seemingly random boost.

I’ll try reproducing this on my next game perhaps…

Not me. But I don’t play so much comparing to previous Build.

type element issue fixed?
bug BB4 roster UI technician armor causing roster UI to crash not fixed
bug BB4 geoscape UI alien bases range (lairs and citadels) disappear after reaching some point not fixed
bug BB4 rally the troops there is still bug with rally the troops - it ends turn for that soldier not fixed
bug BB4 rally the troops Rally the Troops restores strange amount of WP (sometimes 4 , sometimes 7) no matter how much max Willpower has the soldier not fixed
bug BB4 grenades ammo counter when holding grenade shows infinite ammo not fixed
bug BB4 electric strike electric strike is broken, skill from level 6 of technician training doesn’t deal normal damage, only stun, like basic skill from item not fixed