Backer Build v1.2 Release Notes

Release notes for Phoenix Point v. 0.1.23108


  • Added basic options screen with sound controls, buttons to quit and button to disable the gamepad

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed various problems that caused the game to become stuck and not able to continue
  • Fixed various map passability problems
  • Fixed a bug causing the queen not to attack if she moved in her turn
  • Fixed an issue causing the first person targeted shots to be fired in the wrong direction
  • Improved the AI behaviour of the crabmen gunners

Known issues:

  • If you have a gamepad that’s not compatible with the XBox Game Controller (XInput controller) your may have strange camera behaviour (e.g. camera goes constantly in one direction). Use the options screen to disable the gamepad input.
  • [Linux] Intro movie is disabled
  • [Linux] When typing in the issue reporting tool each letter appears twice. Just type your report in an external tool and use ctrl + v to paste it in the box.
  • [Mac] You can’t open the game guide from inside the game. It is packed as a .pdf file in the build .zip file
  • [Mac & Linux] Small graphical glitches (Z fighting) on some locations on the map

I’m quite sure this is not a full list. :slight_smile:

  • Crabmen tanks also seem to act differently - don’t rush so much and stay some distance away - this makes them more difficult enemy
  • we can pick items from the fallen comrades
  • hardness of some objects were changed, as now they are more prone to fire and are easy to destroy

are backers builds windows only, or are there builds for osx?

The Backer Build is available for Windows, OSX and Linux


How do I download backer build 2? For backer build 1, I received an email from Xsolla after my purchase to download it. I have not received an email for build 2 download.

Do you still have your email for build 1? The link should now link to build 2.

Ahh, thank you. Happy 4th!

Its a great achievement and as old Laser Squad fan (and naturaly Xcom and beyond) I am pleased with it. Especially Linux support.

I have a few questions:

a) Is there any chance backer build will become a free demo to get people to play? I would like to recommend a game in a way better then YT videos.

b) Is there any chance lowest offer of purchase ($30) will be upgraded with Early Acess/Acess to at least this demo? $50 is a bit high for poorer part of EU / countries in development. Not that I do merit game is not worth, $50 package has other values such as books, armor etc. Seeing game as it grows is priceless, but in some areas $20 still makes a difference.

c) Could I possibly pay an small extra fee to have Linux version precompiled for PA Semi (PPC64) CPU? I have strange machine AmigaOne x1000 with RadeonHD 7000 and Linux there (Ubuntu 16 MATE, beside AmigaOS) with very few good games to play. It would be a matter of recompile. Similar PPC32 version could work on PPC Linux old G4/G5 Macs and few AmigaOne PPC machines (A1 x1000,A1 x5000,A1 XE G4, SAm460 …) where market is small but hungry for games.

Thank you.

What i spotted until now in Backers Build 2 (version 0.2.25109).


  1. queen:
  • new armoured legs, arms, head and carapace, her new pincers do more damage (15) or it is general modification for her to counter Armadillo (in 1.2 she did like 10 damage)
  • not always showing on procedural maps (or is it bug?)

New Jericho:

  1. new class - technician with his unique ability to deploy turret, mech arms, grenade and PDW weapon, slightly more resistant than sniper and assault (3 armour on torso)
  2. new weapons:
  • PDW - Personal Defense Weapon, something like SMG, working as ranged weapon for technician, with reaction fire, single burst weaker and less accurate than assault rifle, but twice as many bursts, strangely can’t be destroyed, and separate ammo type for it
  • mech arms - melee attack and stun, vehicle repair, and better healing for soldiers (repair and healing can be done by other classes with this item)
  1. turret - deployed by technician, immobile and automatic (you can’t control it) turret with PDW working similar to technician ranged weapon, has 2 armour and 10 HP, can be also repaired by technician
  2. APC - named Armadillo with gun working almost like Heavy’s Machine Gun (but limited ammo), option to ram things (100% AP cost and 20 damage with dash move in selected direction), move range doubling that of Heavy class, quite good armour (4 on average), many hp (50), can transport whole team, has weakspots (wheels, top and rear plate)


  1. inventory
  • now you can compare weapons
  • except space limit there is weight threshold, so soldiers can be overloaded, which decreases their movement range
  • soldiers can have only one two-handed weapons selected in quick items
  1. movement - changed calculation so now movement takes fraction of AP (and often instead of 16 tiles soldiers move maximum 15 tiles in straight line - some rounding takes place)
  2. equipment
  • in general - now have more weigth and ammo have changed labels
  • sniper rifle - more durable, now has 2 armour and 5 hp instead of 1 and 4 respectively
  • hand gun - less damage by 1 point, but returns fire
  • missile launcher can be picked up after heavy’s death, but other classes can have difficulty firing it (technician can’t), but still can use as jetpack (bugged)
  1. procedural maps:
  • additional schemes/layouts,
  • new elements generated
  • time of day changing lightning on map
  1. UI:
  • free camera
  • marker for seen crates (distinction between opened or not),
  • new skills info,
  • AP bar more precise,
  • changed soldier indicator
  • changed equipment wheel
  • damage indicator moved from equipment wheel to enemy information during targeting specific parts of enemy

Bug Fixes:

  1. crates now don’t end turn
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Thanks for the summary of BB2 @yokes . There are couple more bugfixes too and random maps were introduced too.

However, thread is wrong, this deserves a new topic >:slight_smile:

There is GAME GUIDE option too (while on Mac it doesnt work yet, its also an PDF in ZIP archive)

Official details with pics at developers blog [

I’m not aware of other bugs except crates ending turn (maybe on other platforms than Win10?)

Random maps i called map scheme - as for me they are quite similar just have different building and wall scheme.

I suppose that moderator (UV?) will create new topic :wink: I just wanted to share my summary which may be expanded by other players. :slight_smile: Well actually I will edit it as I wrote that quite late.

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There were Linux/OSX bugs *see known issues in BB1 at beginning, but its not clear have they been solved now. I will soon install Linux and see whats going on there.

I found one of your observations, and I would like them to include such info too …

By @Yokes

They forgot to mention in backers build update that sniper rifle got durability boost. In BB 1.2 enemy had to hit it only with 2 bullets to destroy it. In BB 2.0 they need 5 bullets (unless shredding will occur).