Backer Build 4 release date

I am with you on that… about to be sent to ‘prison’ for a few weeks in a place i really don’t want to go to. Having BB4 to play will make it a whole lot easier to deal with.

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Timing may be a little off now that it needs to be released through Epic. Not sure how much extra work it takes to do so, but I imagine there’s some new stuff to do.

Are we sure of that? We’d need the Epic launcher starting from BB4?

Someone posted a quote from an FAQ about the deal earlier that said so.

It’d be great if there could be some official clarification on this

It will use Epic Launcher instead of Xsolla.

Currently, the main Phoenix point FAQ says Epic for game and Xsolla for backer builds. Still trying to hunt down where it may say something else.

Thanks! Couldn’t remember where I saw it.

Thanks. Looks like I won’t even have the luxury to wait for BB4 to make my final decision. Shame :frowning:

I also had some hopes for that to help me decide one way or the other.

so you will need to watch some youtube gameplays like from UV or Retcon :wink:

This is still a bit confusing as I didn’t think we’d be getting keys until the game was officially released. Has anyone said anything about when we’d be getting our keys?

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So it looks like when the game is released, you will be able to download and play through Epic, on the day.

Then it sounds like 1 year later you will get keys for GOG and Steam to install and play from there.

Any news, if this change will finally allow for upgrade pledge options? Considering that the backer DLC (weapon and armor) are moved back to being backer only item, I would like to grab those for completion sake. I wouldn’t mind finally trying backer build for myself either.

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Uhhh… thanks? This is a Backer Build release thread. As has been stated, we will now be getting BB4 through the Epic launcher, but the previous info we had about keys indicated that we’d be getting those around finished product release. If we now need our keys to link our Xsolla with the Epic store account in order to get BB4, we would need to get those keys much sooner than originally intended. No one has mentioned a clarification on that point.

So really, my statement was expressing confusion at the fact that they have said “Future Backer Builds from Backer Build 4 onward will be delivered via the Epic Games Launcher when you redeem your key.” but have made no mention of when that will be delivered.

With no further information, it’s currently looking like we will get our keys a few days before final release in September and therefore we’ll get to check out BB4… a few days before that final release. It’s obvious that a change to their original planned key release schedule needs to occur in order for folks to be able to access BB4 prior final release, but that part wasn’t mentioned. As far as I know.

I think you’re reading too much between the lines here. Snapshot already got shat upon for signing with epic. If they were now to cancel their backer builds delivery schedule, the straw may break the camel’s back for a lot of backers that have swallowed the Epic exclusivity pill and stayed on board.

You could be right. I’m just annoyed.

I wasn’t actually one of the folks who was especially outraged about the Epic thing. I didn’t like it, but I have no strong attachment to Steam or GoG(who has had some questionable behavior recently).

While I believe, to certain extent, that lots of creators do this whole think because they love it, they also do it to get paid. I’m not sure why anyone is especially surprised when someone in the position to receive $20 instead of $10 decides to take it. When the example is $3million instead of $1million(or whatever), I’m sure there’s very few Epic complainers that wouldn’t have made the same choice.

I would guess that in next few days (EDIT: weeks) we (backers with enough level) will receive keys for BB. And prior the full release we will get another key for proper game.

Backer Build 4 is due within the next couple of weeks. We’re just bug hunting at the moment.